Learn Spanish in Mexico

Friday, August 31, 2018 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
Learn Spanish in Mexico

Have you decided to learn Spanish language? Are you thinking about spending a couple of weeks in a Spanish speaking country and learn the language or you want to stay at your hometown and find a school? We think we can convince you that Mexico is one of your best options specially if you leave in Canada or the US.

Everyone is Your Native Teacher

This is no top secret that the first language in Mexico is Spanish and like many other countries, not everyone speaks English very well. If you step out of tourist areas, you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment that everyone is more than happy to stay in their comfort zone and stick to their mother tongue. This is the best opportunity for any language learner to practice and apply their knowledge to real life situations with hundred twenty million personal Spanish tutors.

The schools available for learning Spanish in Mexico are always hiring native Mexicans who are qualified and certified for teaching Spanish as a second language. Learning a language is much more fun from a teacher who speaks the language all the time. Native teachers understand the culture better and they can share interesting stories and links to a culture.

Mexicans are Friendly

Mexicans are known for their hospitality and friendships. People in Mexico grow up in a more social environment with lots of friends. They tend to participate in lots of family events and parties. Maybe this is why we’ve all learned the word amigo even if we don’t speak Spanish. Just saying hola makes Mexican faces light up and welcome you. They volunteer to help as soon as they see you struggle with an address or your order at the restaurant.

Lots to Do and See in Mexico

Rich in history and culture, Mexico offers variety of festivals, events and activities and the country is filled with must see natural and historical attraction. Many of these attractions engage you in learning Spanish before you know it.

Art and Culture in Mexico

Mexico is very vibrant in terms of arts and culture. A quick search on internet about the Mexican art and culture leaves us all speechless. Due to its rich culture and history, Mexico ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world for number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mexico is an ecologically megadiverse country, ranking fourth in the world for its biodiversity.

Mysterious History

Thousands of years of history is visible at every corner. Architecture, pyramids, caves and streets of Mexico are telling tales and stories of hopeful, hardworking and romantic people. Discovering all this is like rooting for a treasure that is hidden under beautiful Spanish language. Every new word you learn is a step closer to the big discovery adventure.

Mexican Traditions

We associate Cinco de Mayo to a big party with variety of good food and drinks in our subconscious mind. The good news is there are more of these holidays in Mexico and they are all colorful, celebratory and delicious even the famous Dia de los Muertos which is a day for remembering deceased loved ones.

Lots of Other Great Stuff

The long list of things to do and see in Mexico is out of scope for this article. Just do some research before or while you are learning Spanish in Mexico to find out more about dancing, museums, national parks, streets and building of Mexico.

Mexico is Fun and Safe

You’ve probably been to Mexico or seen pictures on the internet. Mexico is the definition of fun. Those long, sunny, sand beaches along with lively and exciting nightlife are very inviting. If you’ve visited before, you know that Mexicans party hard. Nice temperature throughout the year and tremendous street food scene, authentic dance, live music and of course Tequila is waiting for you all.

Having fun in Mexico while learning the language is important. It helps you learn better. Staying safe doing so is even more important. Like every other country in the world, you need to follow some safety rules while travelling. Staying away from trouble is simple. Follow the lead of your friends and listen to the advice of the school you’re studying in. Here is a list of things you should pay attention to:

  • There are neighborhoods in some cities that you should avoid.
  • Do not carry money or other valuables around the city.
  • Use online apps for taking a cab at late hours.
  • Dress properly. Try to blend in by adopting the dress code.

Mexico is Affordable

Compared to other megacities in north america, Mexico City is considered very affordable. Some might say, learning Spanish in Mexico City with airplane and accommodation costs included, ends up being cheaper than taking a class at a local school in New York or Toronto for example.

Cost of Living in Mexico City

According to expatistan.com, Mexico City which is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico is ranked number 27 among most expensive cities in Latin America. This means for a language learner from US, Canada or Europe will find it a very affordable city.

Spanish Language Courses and Tuitions

Spanish language schools are spread out everywhere in Mexico. You have very good options in every region of the country. This way you can choose your destination city first and then think about finding a language school in that city or town. You might want to study in a big city like Mexico City or choose a small beach town like Playa del Carmen in Riviera Maya region. Tuitions and costs of living are slightly different but the experience is significantly different. There have been students who tried both. Spend a couple of weeks in one region, learn some basic Spanish and explore that area, then move to another city and continue your courses in a different atmosphere. This way you’ll get the opportunity to learn Spanish from different teacher, schools and methods and explore two geographic regions.

Accommodation in Mexico

Each school would be offering you accommodation options to help you reduce the stress of finding and booking. This way you normally get to hang out with other fellow language learners while staying at a dorm room or through a homestay accommodation plan, connect with the Mexican culture in smallest unit of society, the family.

If you are not comfortable with the options schools offer, you can always go back to hotels, hostels or book an apartment on Airbnb which is very popular in Mexico.

Travel on a Budget

Language learners tend to keep the travel expenses low in order to survive longer and learn more Spanish while staying on a certain budget. The travel to and from Mexico and probably between cities is one of the three big chunks of the expenses. To keep it economic, you should look for your flight ahead of time and set notifications on flight booking websites to get notified as soon as a good price range opens up. Don’t forget to also directly check Mexican airlines’ websites because sometimes they have the best deals but we are not normally used to check them out.

Learning a new language is fun. It opens doors to new cultures and new friends. Starting by immersing yourself in the culture and spending time with people who speak the language will definitely accelerates the process and adds to the charme. Your memory links every single word you learn to an activity or a person if you go on a destination language adventure. Do not miss the opportunity to make Mexican friends and share stories with them.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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