Demiks & Languages at Go Global Expo

Demiks at Go Global Expo 2018

The Go Global Expo is an event that happens once in Montreal and twice a year in Toronto. It is an opportunity to connect in person with a wide range of organizations who can help you travel overseas to work, study, volunteer and gain international experience. The Go Global Expo is organized by Verge Magazine team which is North America’s premier magazine for exploring the same international opportunities. At the expo you’ll find yourself in front of endless possibilities to go abroad and you’ll meet organizations that help you bring your international dreams to reality.

This year, Demiks participated in both Toronto and Montreal Go Global Expos as an exhibitor to promote learning French and English languages in Montreal and Spanish in Mexico City or Playa del Carmen. The idea is to take some time to travel and learn the language in an immersive environment. The learning process is much more impactful when you speak the language after the class, ordering your food at the local restaurant or buying a ticket to take the subway home. Taking it one step further, we offer a home stay option as accommodation. A family in Mexico who speaks Spanish, or French in Montreal, hosts you in order to give you the opportunity to discover the culture and increase your exposure to your new language. Most schools Demiks partners with, also offer free organized activities to help students fill their spare time with cultural discovery tours and fun events.

During the Go Global Expo we had the chance to meet and talk to hundreds of adventurous people who are interested in learning new languages in a city other than their hometown. We also took advantage of this event to sit with Jeff Minthorn in person to discuss the mission of Go Global Expo as well as Verge Magazine. Trough our conversation we realized, Demiks shares many values with Verge Magazine team. In this video Jeff explains the mission of Go Global Expo. You’ll also see how the 2018 version of the expo went.

Interview with Jeff Minthorn about Go Global Expo 2018 in Toronto & Montreal.

Friday, September 28, 2018
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Maria Friday, December 7, 2018 7:02 PM

When does this expo happen again? I like to participate next time!

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