Part Time French Lessons in Montreal for Beginners

Saturday, October 13, 2018 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
Part Time French Lessons in Montreal for Beginners

You live in Montreal, the biggest French speaking city in North America but you don’t speak French well enough to handle the language requirement for your job or school. We assume it’s been awhile since you moved to Montreal and you finally decided to take French lessons. You might have picked up a couple of basic French words in the street but you are still interested in a beginner class. You also go to school or work during the day so you don’t have enough time to commit to a full-time program. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article we introduce you to part-time French lessons in Montreal that are high quality, impactful and affordable.

Who’s Looking for Part Time French Lessons?

Before coming up with a list of part time French classes in Montreal, we should actually understand who is normally looking for part time lessons. Then we will be able to provide each category of language learners with a very specific school-program-time that fits their needs and schedule.

Since you want to learn French but you’re searching for a part time lesson, we assume you are busy for the rest of the day with something else. The main question is which part of the day you have free for learning French. Normally there are four types of people out there and we have suggestion for everyone. We’ve realized there are four main categories in the audience for part time lessons. Let’s start with the first group, those who look for morning classes.

Morning French Lessons

The first category is the one the works all the evening and has free time in the morning. This category is normally in service business and learning French language is mandatory for them. They need to pick up the language in shorter period of time but can’t attend full time classes. Lots of college and university classes take place in the evening. There are also industries like entertainment and restauration that are more active in late hours and have the morning free.

If you are one of those guys and looking for French lessons you can take in the morning, we recommend Geos Montreal’s part-time French classes. It is 10 hours per week of French lessons in the morning. You would go to the class every morning from 9 am to 10:30 am. This way you have the rest of the day free to go back to your job or school.
Geos Montreal Language School
Geos Montreal website | Geos Montreal reviews

Another good language program that is more intensive but still happens in the morning is The French School’s morning French program. This is a different kind of language school. You take a tea or coffee in a comfortable and cosy environment and learn French.

The French School reviews on all review platforms including Demiks, Google, Facebook and other rating platforms are very impressive. For example, at the moment of writing this article, The French School has 112 reviews on Facebook with 5 out of 5 star rating. Reading some of the reviews reassures you with high quality french lessons. All previous students are happy with the services offered by Thomas, the founder and teacher of this school.

The French School, Montreal

The French School website | The French School reviews

The suggested morning classes take 10 or 20 hours per week which is good for learning the language in a shorter period of time. We understand that you probably work in the service industry and need to get a good hang of the French language as soon as possible. This is why we suggested more intensive language programs.

Afternoon French Classes

The second category is working even later and wakes up late. Learning French during the afternoon makes more sense for them. If you work hard at night and you need the morning to sleep-in, you probably have your afternoon free for yourself. Obviously, this group needs to focus more on conversation and maybe some Quebecois slang and expressions. This group also needs to see result in short term.

There is a French class happening from 3pm to 5pm in the afternoon, 4 days a week at Atpal. From Monday to Thursday, you’ll spend 2 hours during the afternoon in the class and then you can get back to your job. That sounds great, right? It gives you the language proficiency you need fast but does not take away your sleep.

Information interview with Atpal Languages director, Carolina Cook

ATPAL Languages website | ATPAL Languages reviews

Evening French Courses

Most office workers prefer the evening for classes. They would probably need professional vocabulary and official communication skills in French. Writing letters and emails in French is not easy and needs lots of practice. The improvement happens slowly over time. A less intensive class but in a long run is a better option for this group of language learners.

In case you have a 9 to 5 job or go to school and study all day, you can take evening French classes. CLC Montreal offers a part-time French course in the evening. The classes are held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm which is 4 hours per week.
CLC Montreal website | CLC Montreal reviews

Week-end French Lessons

The last one, and my personal favorite, is the parent lifestyle. They can’t leave their baby, which could be a real baby, personal side project or an affectionate dog during the week. If you’re part of this category, we suggest you take weekend lessons for learning French language. Also those who work double shifts and are tired after work but you still need to learn French fit in this group of learners. We understand that you can’t take time off during the week. You can still take French lessons that fit your busy schedule.

Their are schools that work with MIDI, Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion Québec. These schools offer lots of services and programs including Francisation. They have many schools and some of them offer week-end French classes. Open the list of MIDI schools that offer French courses and choose the one that is closer to where you live or work. If you are eligible, you might be able to take these courses for free.
More information on French courses for non-francophones on MIDI website

Full List of the Best Part Time French Lessons in Montreal

The purpose of this paragraph is to give you a clear image of all the suggested programs at one glance.

  • Morning lessons, Geos Montreal, Every weekday, 9am to 10:30am
  • Morning lessons, The French School, Every weekday, 9:30am to 12:30pm
  • Afternoon lessons, Atpal, Monday to Thursday, 3pm to 5pm
  • Evening lessons, CLC Montreal, Monday and Wednesday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Weekend, MIDI, Saturday or Sunday

We believe these part time French lessons are among the best available classes in Montreal. The reason we suggest them is because our team have personally visited all these schools, evaluated their programs and have talked to students who already had taken these classes. We know for a fact that they deliver very good service, the staff are friendly and the teachers are qualified. They are also very competitive in terms of pricing. If you calculate the price per hour of education, you’ll find these language schools in a very fair range.

This blog post is not dynamic. It means the data and the list of language lessons were researched at the time of writing it and they never changed. To get up to date information, you can find a more recent post on our blog or take a look at the list of top French language programs in Montreal and filter the programs to find the one that suits you the best.

Take Part Time Lessons But Learn Full Time

It’s true that you can not attend French lessons full time but you shouldn’t limit the learning to your class. They say you can speed up acquiring a language by living in a city that speaks the language. Well that is just great. You live in Montreal and have immediate access to many Francophone citizens who definitely love the fact you’re learning French.

A good strategy would be to take advantage of all opportunities for speaking French. Ordering your food or drink in French at a Montreal restaurant, choosing French over English on the phone talking to your bank or phone customer service and chit chatting with your cab driver in French are all little exercises for practicing French while you’re not in the classroom. Also try to develop some effective language learning habits to accelerate the process.

Socializing in French is also very important. Make Francophone friends and spend your leisure time with them. There are many free or cheap events happening in Montreal where you can practice French and learn a couple of words while grabbing a drink.

You can also learn a couple of new words per day using free apps for learning French that offer bite-size, fun and engaging lessons.

Enjoy learning French language!

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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