My Odyssey, Language Teacher Assistant Program

My Odyssey, Language Teacher Assistant Program

We had an information interview with Odyssey program promoter, Charmaine. She also participated in both Explore and Odyssey programs and enjoyed the experience herself. This is how Charmaine started learning French language. Watch the video to learn about this unique opportunity to explore another part of Canada and exchange languages.

Interview with Charmaine, Odyssey program promoter.

What is the Odyssey Program?

Odyssey is a program for Canadians to travel to another region of the country to help an English language teacher. You’ll work as a language assistant to motivate students to learn English as a second language. This program gives you the opportunity to learn about a different culture and explore another part of Canada. Anglophone applicants have the option of going to the province of Quebec or New Brunswick for nine months.

Benefits of Odyssey program

The first thing that comes to mind is the cultural exchange and the travel experience. Living in a different place that is not your hometown is a good challenge to take on. You’ll get exposed to French in an immersive environment and will help you to improve your level of proficiency.

You’ll learn a lot about teaching especially teaching languages by participating in this program. You get to participate in training sessions that not only informs you about your role as a language assistant, but also provides you with pedagogical tips and techniques. You’ll get to learn from experts, have a supportive network, and make friends from across the country. You might even fall in love with teaching and choose education as a career path in the future

As a language assistant, you will receive a salary for the nine months of your work term. This is a valuable work experience to add onto your resume if you’re still at school, recently graduated or entering the job market. In case you’re still a student, Odyssey may be considered an internship. Some people who completed the Odyssey program have been able to use their experience to gain credits in certain circumstances.

Who Can Apply for Odyssey Program?

In order to be eligible for this program, you have to be a canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Also you must have a solid knowledge of English language both oral and written. Lastly, you must have completed at least one year of post secondary school within the last 10 years. Teaching experience is not required but preferable.

What Does a Language Assistant Do?

As a language assistant, your role is to prepare and lead activities in the class to motivate students to learn English. Language assistants are encouraged to share their cultures and teach students about language features of the region they are coming from. Some language assistants who would be leading small groups of students in language labs for post secondary students.

Are Odyssey Participants Paid?

Yes! The Odyssey program is a 25 hours per week job that lasts for nine months. You’ll receive a taxable salary and you could receive allowances for two trips to your hometown and back. This allowance is for participants who travelled more than 200km. Having a job and salary means you’re responsible for your own expenses including food, housing, etc.

How to Apply

If you are eligible, read the program information in detail on the Odyssey program website and then follow the instructions. Gather the required documents, fill the forms and then sign and send the complete application to your provincial coordinator. The application process takes a few weeks and then you’ll be contacted for an interview if you are selected.
You can apply now until the February 28th deadline.

Friday, November 9, 2018
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