New Year's Resolution, Learn Spanish Language

Monday, December 31, 2018 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
New Year's Resolution, Learn Spanish Language

Have you decided what you new year’s resolution would be? Have you thought about learning Spanish language in the next year? It is a good time to make a decision now and commit to something good for the next coming months. Learning a new language has lots of advantages and Spanish language is beautiful and in demand. Let us help you with a few resources and tools to achieve your new year’s resolution and learn Spanish language.

Technology Empowers You to Learn Spanish Online

Thanks to technology and enthusiastic bloggers, learning a language for free without leaving you bed is very possible today. Since Spanish language has one of the biggest fan bases, there are also a huge number of free and paid online resources to learn it. Get your cell phone, install a couple of apps and you’re all set.

These tools and resources are provided for you and most of them are even free of charge. But before going ahead and downloading a couple of apps or subscribing to podcasts and YouTube channels, read this article about effective habits for learning a language.

Apps for Learning Spanish

Using apps keeps you on track. The app designers motivate the language learners with gamification. You earn XPs, keep a learning streak and receive reminders which encourages you to keep going. The most popular apps to learn languages are DuoLingo, Memrise and Babbel. The first two are free but to use Babbel you have to pay a subscription fee.

YouTube Channels Teaching Spanish Language

You have got to see the person who is teaching you or you need more visual clues to make it easier to memorise. YouTube is your best friend. There are lots of YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Spanish. Start watching some of the videos out there and figure out which one fits your learning process better. Don’t forget to subscribe because you don’t want to miss out any new videos. Those subscriptions also help you get notified once in a while that you have to get back on track and keep learning.

Butterfly Spanish is a name Ana chose for her YouTube channel where she tends to teach you Spanish in a practical way with fun and engaging videos. She covers one topic in each video and the videos are about 10 minutes long.

Easy Spanish YouTube channel shows local language and culture in natural, everyday situations. Their videos mostly consist of street conversations with native speakers from Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish and English subtitle helps you learn Spanish while listening to a native speaker.

Podcast Spanish Lessons

Take advantage of your commute time and turn it into an opportunity for learning Spanish by listening to podcasts. They are fun and easy to follow. You’ll listen to a bite size lesson everyday and at the end of the year you have hundreds of lessons taken without a change in your direction to work. I mean unless you got lost in the lessons and missed your stop!

Ben and Marina are frequently producing a podcast called Notes in Spanish to teach the language. Marina is from Madrid, Spain and with Ben, they want to take you beyond the textbooks and provide you with real world Spanish learning techniques. They’ve categorized the podcasts for different levels of Spanish language starting from beginner level with no knowledge.

Paulina is a teacher from Mexico with decades of experience teaching Spanish and Michael is her student from Southern California. Together, they help you learn Spanish with their podcast, Doorway to Mexico, and some other material. Some of their courses and materials are free and some are paid.

This article by Jen also outlines some practical practices you could adopt for your drive. She has a couple of podcast recommendations as well as suggestions for audio based programs for learning Spanish. The radio shows and latin music lists are addictive. They teach you Spanish by making your ride more lively and fun.

Spanish Language Schools Near Me

Classes and teachers are still one of the most effective ways of learning a language. The physical presence is a powerful enforcement to stay on track, do the homeworks and practice before the class. The social aspect of the classroom is also interesting for accelerating the speed. Conversations with your peer at the same language level is harder to find online. Go to this page to find Spanish language schools and browse their programs and reviews.

Travel to Mexico to Learn Spanish

Mexico is one of the biggest Spanish speaking countries in the world. Beautiful city of Mexico City offers lots of cultural activities and tourist attractions. Mexico also has many smaller cities with spectacular beaches. These beautiful places attract lots of language learners from all over the world .

Learn Spanish in Mexico City

You can learn Spanish everyday for a couple of hours and then spend the rest of the day with your classmates exploring the city and practicing Spanish with locals. Read this article about benefits of learning spanish in Mexico and browse this list of best Spanish schools in Mexico City.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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