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Language School Management Software

Managing a language school is a complex operation. It takes a team of multidisciplinary members who dedicate their time and efforts moving the school forward while taking special care of students. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of everything as the school grows. Adopting a scalable infrastructure including a language school management software makes everyone’s life easier. A central source of information for everyone to handle day to day challenges stacked with intuitive tools for managing a language school increases the chances of success significantly.

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Teaching multiple languages to international students is an exciting but challenging form of business. Providing all the tools, software and systems for your administration staff is key to achieve all KPIs at the end of the day. Like any other kind of business, language schools face a great deal of marketing, sales, student support, financial and other tasks. Overcoming daily obstacles and achieving long term goals require a software that both is built on international business standards and also is allied with an international language school culture and mentality.

Demiks team decided to build a modern school management system for language schools. Being close to language education and international student travel industry, having a good understanding of business, we are working on a cloud base, integrated, school management software that addresses international language learning industry. We are starting the first version of the software with basic requirements provided by language schools we already work with.

School Management Software Features

To start serving language schools as early as possible, we decided to narrow down the list of requirements so we could address only the vital needs of a contemporary language school. This helps us provide the first version of the software very quickly. Following the lean methodologies of software production, we’ll be listening to schools to constantly improve the quality of existing modules and add more features and functionality. Prioritizing the new features are all decided based on conversations with our clients. Here’s a list of the features implemented in our first product.

Customer Relationship Management

At very minimum, language schools need a CRM(customer relationship management) to keep track of their students before and after registration. Demiks CRM helps you to manage your interactions with your students at pre-sales, sales and student support moments in one central location. We built our platform with schools in mind, meaning it’s intuitive, personalised, and built to grow with your school.

You can manage list of leads(students before they sign up for a course) and track the interactions with them. The lead management module is also integrated with Demiks Language School Portal which means you could acquire new students from that platform right into your management software.

In student list and student profile pages you can find a student and investigate all the details including orders, invoices, payments, etc. related to that specific client at one central point. This module gives you a complete profile of a student at a time.

Invoicing and Online Payment

After a phone conversation or a long back and force via email, you can finalize your sales cycle by sending a professional invoice via email. Generating the invoice is quick, easy and intuitive which enables your admin staff manage such a critical job with minimum training. They just choose the program the student is interested in and the invoicing app does the rest. All the prices, requirements, cancellation policy and many more is taken care of by the invoicing software.

The student receives an email immediately with a payment link at the bottom. Clicking on the payment link takes them directly to the payment page where they can confirm the invoice detail and pay for their tuition online. An online reservation in a language course beyond the borders could not be any simpler. The student receives a confirmation email and the admin staff don't need to do any data entry to keep the records up to date. This would take the paperwork off your shoulder and offers you transparency, trackability and peace of mind.

Dashboard and Reporting

Demiks school management system provides, with minimum amount of data entry, day to day lists, numbers and figures to improve the admin team's productivity. On the other hand, The charts, visual presentation of data and graphical insight help school managers with KPIs, goals and decision making.

Onboarding and Implementation

Adopting a new product takes a fair amount of dedication. You can’t stop your school from functioning but at the same time you want your team of administration staff to learn about the details of how the new software works. Also switching between your existing systems, software and workflows could add more complexity.

Following best practices in software design, user experience design as well as using industry standard platforms for user interface implementation made our software easy to understand and use. Finding what you’re looking for is intuitive for new users and the possibility of making mistakes is minimized.

Having long history of building business software and implementing ERP in medium and large enterprises, our team is ready to help your administration staff with adopting our school management software. We are familiar with software implementation methodologies and best practices. For bigger institutional schools we are offering our success packages that includes product-requirement mapping, trainings, coaching, data transfer, etc. We are also working on a partner program to provide you with local implementation teams in your own geography.

For lean schools, we strongly recommend starting early with onboarding a scalable language school management software that grows with you. Sophisticated more mature schools would experience a smooth transition into a modern platform that is made for contemporary business needs. Try Demiks language school management software trial for free to see it is the platform you are looking for.

Free Trial

To try and evaluate the school management software you can get a free trial period with no need for credit card or any other attachments. We are happy to help you map your requirements to the features in the software. You can also contact us and get your questions responded.

Blog post author: Hamid
Author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.
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