French Course for International Students in Quebec

Sunday, May 5, 2019 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
French Course for International Students in Quebec

French Course for International Students in Quebec

Many international students who chose Canadian universities for their higher education get interested in staying in Canada after school. Canada is a beautiful country with lots of opportunities and of course, an immigration program. French is the official language in Quebec province and one of the requirements for the Quebec experience program (PEQ). Advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French, equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference is mandatory to apply for Quebec residentship after graduation. Taking French courses should be a major priority before the student visa expires.

Are you an international student in Montreal? Take free online French or English classes at CSAI center.

Getting the B2 in a TEFAQ, TCF-Québec or other exams could be challenging especially if you went to an English speaking language like Concordia or McGill because you don’t have much exposure to French language at school. You get away with English at school at life around the campus doesn’t oblige you to learn French. The French courses you might have taken at school are far from what you need for your language test.

You need B2 level in order to apply for PEQ(Quebec Experience Program) as an international student.

If you’re an international student in Montreal, beginner in French and are thinking about staying in Canada after graduation, you need to pass a French language test. Getting ready for the test takes some time and needs special attention. Here in this blog post we would like to introduce you to a solution that addresses all the expectations an international student might have from a French Course.

A Language School Focused On International Students

Innovance is a French language school located in downtown Montreal, walking distance from McGill, Concordia and all major anglophone colleges. Innovance offer a wide range of courses and services to international students to meet all their needs getting ready for their PEQ. Going through all the paperwork and acquiring Canadian status, students need to rely on the help of a professional team.

French Course From Beginner To B2 in TEFAQ

There are many possibilities for you if you are looking for a French course in Montreal. After all it is a city that speaks French. Most newcomer immigrants, refugees, students, temporary workers and tourists try to learn French. It helps you accelerate your integration into the society. This phenomenon is the reason why language schools and specifically, language courses in Montreal are designed for specific audience in mind. Some schools offer free courses for immigrants and refugees, some courses are for professionals who moved here for their jobs, and some are having their focus on international students.

Innovance is one of those schools that focuses and more importantly cares for international students. Run by a diverse group of professionals, Innovance is a hub for university students and graduates who plan to apply for PEQ soon. They have imagined and implemented a course that is just perfect for this group of language learners.

As a student you take classes twice a week, three hours each time for six months. Classes are small because the school wants every single student to succeed. The school takes responsibility for your success meaning, they’ll have you committing to a plan. You are provided with everything and if you find a session hard or confusing, you just keep repeating it until you have it all.

Innovance helps you with your French learning journey from the very beginning until you acquire your B2 result in TEFAQ exam. Visit Innovance for more details on their courses, reviews and contact info.

The lessons are based on a standard pedagogical method called “Par Ici” which has been entirely developed by Quebec teachers and has a north american perspective. The school provides you with a plan in which you know what you’ll learn and when. A very comprehensive set of material is prepared too so you improve at an unbelievable pace with less effort. Since you have lots of exams and readings at school so you don’t want to sacrifice your study time for French, the school has prepared a set of audios you can listen to while cooking.

Preparation for TEFAQ exam is also included and built into most classes you take. This way you start your journey by learning the most basic and end up with your B2 TEFAQ test result in 6 months which is crucial to your immigration process. To achieve such a difficult goal sometimes you might need to repeat some of the materials. The good news is at Innovance school you can repeat the same class again until you fully learn it. The way it works is the school has very specific syllabus and you can find another class that is having the session number you want to take again and attend if you want.

Student Friendly Features

This course is designed with international students in mind. The school understands all the difficulties the students face and tries to address them in the way they don’t sacrifice anything to learn French. For example the classes are only twice a week even though there are lots of material to cover in order to achieve B2 at the test. There are classes happening at different hours of the day to accommodate different students’ school hours. You can take evening classes or spend weekends learning French.

To reduce stress and take the planning responsibilities off student’s shoulders, the school has prepared a package with clear and step by step goals, material and path where students are given bite size material for the week and that is all they have to focus on and accomplish. You will be taking advantage of audio files that repeat that teach you what you need to learn for the week. If you miss a session or two, no worries. You can take them in a different class running concurrently. You keep your pace up to the point you have enough of a level to take the test. You give it a shot but don’t get what you need, you go back to the school and work on the skills you are missing until you get there.

Another challenge students sometimes deal with is financials. First of all, the course price is very reasonable for the amount of service and attention you’ll get. But if you have difficulty paying the tuition upfront, the school has a deal with a bank to help you with low rate loans from a Canadian bank and pay them back slowly. This might be good for you if you are working and studying at the same time in Canada.

Teachers And Classes

Innovance is well known for its caring Teachers. Most of the students know about Innovance through word of mouth. This and many online reviews are strong indicators that teachers are the best. They all go through a program called CiFRAN to reassure a seamless education experience in all classes. You’ll get a different teacher for each level. Thanks to the standardized methods across the school, every teacher knows what you’ve done so far and what the next steps are going to be for a class. They are all native French speakers and help you develop a correct pronounciation. The fact there are only between 6 to 12 students in the class helps the teacher to have a certain amount of attention for each student.

TEFAQ Preparation Course

Innovance has decided to put all its emphasis on preparing students for the TEFAQ language test. The reason is first of all because it is specialized for Quebec which helps students with their integration in the society. Also it is easier for students to prepare for only the oral skills. For PEQ, you are only required to have the speaking and listening tests taken. The other advantage of is that TEFAQ does not have a negative point for wrong answers. This helps students to improve their points even they are doubted about an answer.

This course has the TEFAQ preparation activities built into the class material. You learn French and prepare for the test at the same time. The class material at Innovance is prepared by TEFAQ examiners and experienced teachers. There are sessions specific to the test called TEFAQ Info Sessions you can take and learn about the nuts and bolts of TEFAQ.

Since the test is only for oral skills, Innovance classes are also mainly dedicated to listening and speaking. More than %70 of activities are oral which helps you improve your French for life in Quebec as well as the test.

The school offers mock tests to evaluate the knowledge and readiness of the students. These tests are not part of the course we are talking about but students who take this course get a generous discount.

Other Services To Help With Immigration & The PEQ Application

Integration in the Quebec society does not stop at TEFAQ test. International students normally have other needs along the way. Innovance has designed a program called Life In Canada to help newcomers integrate into the society. It helps you with first steps in Canada from the airport to having a bank account and carrying out your paperwork at the government.

Innovance helps you prepare for job interviews by giving you enough knowledge of French or English to handle phone calls from potential employers to answering questions at the interview. They also help you with the PEQ immigration application and support you until you get your Canadian visa.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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i want to apply french language course how to apply can you please describe details on my email

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Is there any FREE french course for international students?Thank you

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Is there any FREE french course for international students?Thank you

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