Best Apps And Technology for Language Teachers

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Best Apps And Technology for Language Teachers

As a language teacher, it is difficult to verify if your teaching strategies and classroom technologies are up to date and utilizing the best resources. Endless google searches will not help you with this. However, fear not and look no further because I have compiled lists of the top apps and technologies for language teachers to use. Making teaching a language less stressful!

Fun And Engaging Apps For Teaching A Language, All Levels And Ages

Apps for teaching a language are very useful. I would go as far as to say that language teaching apps are vital in your classroom. You have brilliant materials and resources at your fingertips that will excite your students and stimulate learning and retention by using apps. I have listed here my top recommendations for apps that language teachers should use with their students so you don't have to look any further!

Head’s Up, Fun Game To Play In The Class

This app is a game that is great for getting your students to start describing the world around them. How it works is that one student will hold up the phone to their head so that they cannot see the image on the screen. The objective is for this student to guess what is on the screen by the other students using descriptive words about it.

For only $1.39 in the Apple app store and currently free on Google Play apps, this app ensures a fun and engaging learning environment for students to learn vocabulary. This includes nouns, adjectives, verbs, and more! There are a variety of categories so this game can be tailored to the appropriate age group that you are teaching. This game can be played in english or spanish! Click here for the link to the Apple app store. And click here for the link to the Google Play app store.

FluentU, Videos for Learning Languages

The FluentU app is a perfect spot to find functional language videos that simulate real-life conversations. The app supports a multitude of languages to choose from which is great for any language teacher! This app is also very versatile when it comes to the level and age group of the students you are teaching.

This app is free for downloading for both apple and android. However, after the free trial there is a subscription for $20 a month with annual billing which is the cheapest option. If you’re looking for free videos then this app is not for you but if you want to step up your teaching game and invest on videos that are sure to aid your student’s grammar and conversational skills then this app is the way to go! Click here for source.

Memrise, Engaging Bitesize Lessons

Memrise is an app that lets you listen to videos of native speakers, practice typing out sentences, and your students can record themselves speaking the language to practice pronunciation and sentence forming. All the features are very helpful to improve language skills. In addition, you can use the app to take pictures of things around you and the app will translate the word that the object is. This could be great for a scavenger hunt game. I think that this feature has lots of potential!

This app is free to download for apple and android users. The basic model is free to use and the app store says that this is the best deal for all the free features that it comes with. You also have the option to get a subscription for additional features if you want to see what else the app has to offer. Click here to learn more about memrise.

If you think you could use some traditional games in your classroom, take a look at this list of ESL games to play in a language class. These games do not require a cellphone or any other kind of technology.

Technology For Language Teachers & Modern Classrooms

As a modern language teacher, you have the privilege of technology to help you be more efficient in your classrooms. Technology has been created with innovative ideas to keep you more connected with your students. I have compiled a list of my favourite websites that you will thank me for later! Being a language teacher with just got easier.

Duolingo For Schools

Duolingo for Schools is a platform that allows you to set up a virtual classroom and share a link for your students to enroll into. You can share activities with them online for them to access on separate devices. There is direct access to flash cards and other materials that duolingo offers and it can be used at any skill level and it has an abundance of languages to choose from.

The Duolingo app itself is a great resource for your students to practice languages on their devices. With Duolingo for Schools you can keep track of their progress and gain insight on where to provide additional help. This can also be assigned for homework!

Duolingo and Duolingo for Schools are free downloads! This is a fantastic way to utilize Duolingo’s language learning materials inside and outside of your classroom. Click here to explore Duolingo for Schools.

Kahoot, Exciting Game For Any Classroom

Kahoot is an all time favourite teaching technology that will engage the whole class in a trivia game! You can choose from many options of categories to quiz your students. Unfortunately the only language that the premade categories come in is english. However, you have the option of creating your own trivia game and you can create it in any language that you choose because you are in charge of creating the flash cards and answers.

The way kahoot works is that all the students google kahoot and place the link of the trivia game you provide into the search engine on their separate devices. The main screen that you provide, such as a projector, will display questions for an allotted number of seconds and then provide four answers that appear in boxes on the screen that each have a distinct colour. The coloured boxes will appear on your student’s devices and each student will click on the colour that they believe to be the best answer. Once everyone has answered, or the allotted time runs out, the game will move onto the next question. At the very end, there will be a leaderboard that is comprised of the points that students received from correct answers that they received during the game.

Kahoot is entirely free to sign up and use with your class. This is a great use of technology for language teachers because it will capture the attention of students with some healthy competition and allow them to practice vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and more. Click herefor Kahoot.


If you’re looking for a better classroom management system this technology may work! TeacherKit is a platform that allows you to keep track of all bureaucratic issues in your classroom from attendance to recording students grades and behavior. With a well thought out design, you can see your input information about your class at a glance with charts on your home screen. The app can be used for all grade levels and multiple classes at once. Furthermore, this app supports 7 languages.

The four main materials that this technology provides you with is attendance, behavior notes, the ability to track student performance, and create reports for individual students and the class as a whole. This is a free download and can be used on your computer or on your phone! Click here for TeacherKit.

Organize Your Class With Demiks Teacher App

Demiks Teachers App is a unique approach to managing your classroom online. This technology includes a class calendar to keep track of all of your classes and any important dates. This calendar is customizable and your different classes can be assigned an individual colour. Important dates can also be given identifiable markings. Next, the homework section of this technology allows you to assign homework to your students, receive submissions, and give direct feedback all in one place! This software also gives you a place to track attendance. All information that is input to individual students will be assigned to their student profiles.

This technology is able to integrate with Demiks CRM- School Management Software. This is an advantage because you don't need to re enter all of your students’ information. Once you start using Demiks School Management Software, your students will already be input into your school’s database and assigned to your class. Thus, when you input your class in Demiks Teacher App all of the information is ready to go! Simple, efficient, and the best thing to happen in language teaching technology in my opinion.

The other thing that sets Demiks Teacher App apart from other classroom management technologies is that your virtual classroom comes equipped with language exercises, lessons, and activities for you to use in your classroom. The app also supports multiple languages. Find out more about Demiks Teacher App.

Blog post author: Sophia
Sophia is an International Development student at McGill University and she is passionate about education, the environment, and social justice.

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