French Lesson Plan - Restaurant and Ordering

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French Lesson Plan - Restaurant and Ordering

French Lesson Plan - Restaurant and Ordering

Practice Conversational French - Restaurant and Ordering

This is a lesson plan for Teaching restaurant vocabulary and common phrases for ordering food or beverages. You may use this for students who are learning either French or English because you have a reference to the words and sentences in both languages.

The activity is designed like a role playing game. It is a game called speed dating in which students switch partners and re-practice the same scenario. It helps them repeat the same phrases multiple times or try different styles in each conversation. It also makes the whole learning process much more fun and engaging. In this article we assume your group of students don’t know each other yet. It’s a good idea to start with greeting each other first. This breaks the ice and warms everyone up for the main activity.


5 minutes

Spend five minutes getting to know the group. Form a circle and choose one person to start. Have each person say their name, how they are feeling, where they are from, and why they want to learn french. Before starting, provide time for everyone to read the examples on the lesson plan and think about their answer. They can write out their answers on their phone if they want.

Example sentences for greetings and introduction

Hello, my name is____.
Bonjour, je m’apple_____.
Salut, mon nom est_____.

I am ____. (good, bad, tired)
Je suis____. (bien, mal, fatigué(e))
It’s going___. (good/okay, bad)
Ca va________. (bien, mal)
I am looking forward to practicing French.
j'ai hâte de pratiquer le français.

I am from____.
Je viens de_____.
I lived in_____.
J'habitais a_____.

I want to learn French because ____. (it’s fun, I want to gain citizenship)
Je veux apprendre le français parce que ____. (c’est amusant, je veux acquérir la citoyenneté)
I want to learn French for work.
je veux apprendre le français pour le travail.

Activity For Practicing Restaurant Vocabulary

15-20 minutes

The group will get into two lines that are facing each other, so that everyone has a partner. The activity is called “speed dating” because a conversation topic will be given and each set of people will discuss this topic for a few minutes until the director of the event says switch.

Today the topic is ordering at a cafe or restaurant!

One line will begin and spend around a minute trying to order something. Start by telling the partner where you are and then proceed to order. The partner is able to help and its okay to make mistakes! Then the other person will go. Finally one line will move to the person to the right of them and begin again.This way, by the end of the activity each person will have multiple times to practice ordering and become more confident.

Examples For What To Say When Ordering In French

We are at a ___. (cafe, restaurant)
Nous sommes au___. (café, restaurant)
Can I have a/the ___ (salad, pasta, fries on the side )
Puis-je avoir un/le ___ (pain sur le côté)
Puis-je avoir une/la ___ (salade sur le côté)
Puis-je avoir des ___ (pâtes, frites sur le côté)

I will take a___ (coffee, latte with soy milk, croissant, chicken sandwich)
Je prendrai un ___ (café, café au lait de soja, croissant, sandwich au poulet)

Would you like to order some drinks to start with?
Est-ce que vous voulez quelque chose à boire pour commencer ?

Sentences You Will See And Hear In French Restaurants

On est prêt pour commander?
Are we ready to order?
Laissez-nous vous asseoir.
Let us have you seated.
Que veux-tu boire?
What do you want to drink?
Table d'hôte.
Set meal: A restaurant meal (includes everything) at a fixed price and with few choices, usually means that you get an appetizer, a main course, and desert.
Voulez-vous qu'il soit saignant, à point ou bien cuit?
Would you like it raw, medium, or well done?
comment voulez-vous vos oeufs?
How would you like your eggs?

Sentences You Will See And Hear In French Cafes

Chaud ou froid?
Hot or cold?
Voulez-vous le reçu?
Do you want the receipt?
Quel type de pain?
What type of bread?
Quelle taille?
What size?

Vocabulary For Ordering In French

The bill La Facture
Together Ensemble
Separate Séparément
Breakfast Petit dejeuner(dejeuner in Quebec)
Lunch Dejeuner(dinner in Quebec)
Dinner Dîner(souper in Quebec)
White bread Pain blanc
Whole wheat Blé complet
Over easy Tourné
Scrambled eggs Oeuf brouillé
Appetizer(alcohol) Apéritif
Appetizer Entrée
Main course plat Principal
Dessert Dessert
Menu Menu
Blog post author: Sophia
Sophia is an International Development student at McGill University and she is passionate about education, the environment, and social justice.

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