Lesson Plan For Job Interviews

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Lesson Plan For Job Interviews

Trying to find work in a bilingual city is a challenge when you do not speak both languages. Especially in Montreal where most employers want you to speak French. However, it is completely possible to be successful if you put the effort in. In this lesson plan, there will be a list of sample questions that you can receive in a job interview and a list of possible answers. Make sure that when it comes to the real thing you are personalizing your answers but until then, this lesson plan will put you off to a great start!

The activity is to put each two students in front of each other and assign a role to each one. The first student plays the role of an employer and the other student pretends to be looking for a job. They start by reading a couple of example questions and answers to learn a bit of job search vocabulary. Then they start role playing to use the phrases in practice. Each two students should spend a couple of minutes together and switch partners as well as roles. This helps them to repeat the same thing multiple times and try different structures for the same idea.

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Sample Questions To Receive In A Job Interview

Your potential employer wants to get to know you and why it would be beneficial to the business to hire you. So the questions will most likely be about your previous work experience and about who you are as an employee.
Parlez-moi de vous.
Tell me about yourself.

Avez-vous de l'expérience en _____ ?
Do you have experience with _______?

Combien d'années avez-vous travaillé là-bas ?
How many years did you work there?

Pourquoi ce travail vous intéresse ?
Why do you want this job?

Que sont vos forces/faiblesses ?
What do you consider to be your strengths/weaknesses?

Parlez-moi d'un défi que vous avez rencontré et comment vous l'avez géré.
Tell me about a challenge you have had at work and how you dealt with it.

Comment mesurez-vous votre succès comme leader ?
How would you evaluate your success as a leader?

Sample Answers To Give In A Job Interview

Don’t stress about completing your sentences as fast as possible. Take your time and pay more attention to your pronunciation, the speed will come with time. You want to focus your answers on being what your employer is looking for, yet being genuine at the same time. You got this and we are here to help!
J'ai de l'expérience avec ___. Cela m'a appris___.
I have experience with___. This taught me___.

Mes points forts sont que je suis ___ (un joueur d'équipe parce que je travaille bien avec d'autres, bon avec la gestion du temps).
My strengths are that I am___(a team player because I work well with others, good with time management).

Un exemple de ceci est lorsque ___.
An example of this is___.

Un défi que j'ai eu à réaliser était quand ___.
A challenge I had at work was when___.

Ce que j'ai fait c’était ___.
What I did was___.

J’ai appris que ___.
I learned from this that___.

French Vocabulary And Phrases That Pertains To The Workplace

Peux-tu m'aider avec ceci ?
Can you help me with this?

Que devrais-je faire ensuite ?
What should I do next?

Bonjour comment allez-vous aujourd'hui ?
Hello, how are you today?

Je serai avec vous dans un instant.
I’ll be with you in a moment.

Désolé de vous avoir fait attendre.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ils ne sont pas au bureau aujourd'hui.
They are not at work today.

Combien de temps avez-vous travaillé ici ?
How long have you worked here?

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Sophia is an International Development student at McGill University and she is passionate about education, the environment, and social justice.

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