Vocabulary Lesson Plan For Renting An Apartment

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Vocabulary Lesson Plan For Renting An Apartment

You are in a new city and you don’t speak the language, but you need somewhere to live. So what do you do? Learn the basics and you'll be just fine! A conversation with a landlord is not overly complicated and you can master it in no time.

Greeting activity (5-10 min)

Use the first portion of the class time to establish a comfort of speaking in front of others and develop the theme. For this lesson, it is important for students to be able to describe what they are looking for. Thus, the first activity will be a circle icebreaker where each person will take a turn speaking.

Every person in the circle will begin by introducing themselves and the reason that they are looking for a place to live.

Salut, je m'appelle ___. Je cherche un appartement à Montréal parce que ___ (Je suis nouveau dans la ville, mon bail actuel se termine, je veux vivre seul).
Hi my name is ___. I am looking for an apartment in Montreal because ___ (I am new to the city, my current lease is ending, I want to live by myself).

Bonjour, mon nom est ___. Je veux louer une chambre parce que ___ (Je suis un étudiant d'échange, Je veux sous-louer pour le semestre, Je veux essayer de vivre dans un nouveau quartier).
Hello, my name is ___. I want to rent a room because___ (I am an exchange student, I want to sublet for the semester, I want to try living in a new neighborhood).

This allows all students to become acquainted and have a foundation for the main activity.

Main Activity (15-20 min)

To start the main activity, have all students stand or sit in two rows that are facing each other so that every person has a partner. There are multiple ways that this can play out and teachers can tailor it to the group. I recommend having one row pretend to be the landlord while their partner practices the dialogue and then they can switch before moving to the next partner. Another option is to have one row be the landlord for the whole rotation and then when each person returns to their original partner, they will turn into the landlord.

The objective of this activity is for students to become comfortable asking questions and using phrases that can be used in real experiences of finding somewhere to live in Montreal.

Vocabulary & Phrase Examples for renting an apartment

C'est un immeuble très calme.
This is a very quiet building. That is okay right?

Les locataires précédents ont vécu ici pendant trois ans.
The previous tenants lived here for three years.

Quelles questions avez-vous?
What questions do you have?

Quel âge a ce bâtiment?
How old is this building?

Combien de chambre y a-t-il?
How many bedrooms does it have?

Les utilitaires sont-ils inclus?
Are utilities included?

Devrais-je avoir mon propre wifi?
Would I have to get my own wifi?

Est-ce que ce bâtiment a déjà eu des infestations d'insectes comme des punaises de lit ou des cafards?
Has this building ever had insect infestations like bed bugs or cockroaches?

À quelle distance se trouve le métro?
How close is the metro?

Pourquoi les locataires précédents ont-ils déménagé?
Why did the previous tenants move?

Pouvez-vous me parler du quartier.
Can you tell me about the neighborhood.

Closing Activity (5 min)

Time to say goodbye! This exercise will be beneficial for learning what to say in any scenario that you are leaving someone whom you just had a conversation with. That way students learn how to form connections in French.

Je vais vous faire savoir dès que _______
I’ll let you know as soon as _______.

Merci d'être venu.
Thank you for coming.

À bientôt.
Talk to you soon.

Je serai en contact.
I’ll be in touch.

Je vais reflechir.
I’ll think about it(polite way to say not interested)

Au revoir.

Blog post author: Sophia
Sophia is an International Development student at McGill University and she is passionate about education, the environment, and social justice.

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