Get Started With Demiks Admin For Your School

Friday, November 22, 2019 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
Get Started With Demiks Admin For Your School

Demiks Admin is an online software for managing a school or a tutoring business. This article helps you setup the software to tailor it to your school.

Sign Up For Free

The first step is to sign up for the basic version which is free . You have two options to do so. First option is to use your Google account.

School Management Software sign up form

This method is more convenient because you don’t need to memorize a password to log in and see your dashboard. It’s Managed and secured by Google. Read more about signing in using Google and also see if it’s a good idea to sign in using Google account on AVG website.

Learn more about “Demiks School Management Software” or sign up & configure your school today!

Start for free!

Your second option is to create an account directly on Demiks. In this method you use a valid email address and a new password on Demiks signup form. You’ll get access to your dashboard immediately.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the first steps of signing up on Demiks school management software, Admin.

Welcome To Your School Management Software

You’ll get access to your dashboard immediately after signing up. On the left side of the screen, you have a menu that gives you the possibility of navigating between pages and access your school’s information.

On the dashboard you’re going to see charts, numbers and lists indicating how your school is doing. But now, since you literally just signed up, you just see some instructions. You’ll get to see the full dashboard very soon.

After signing up for school crm software

I recommend starting with the basic settings for your school

Setup Your Basic School Settings

On the menu, at the bottom, click on the settings. It takes you to a page where you can update the contact information of your school and a couple of other things like the time zone and currency.

The settings page also comes with a couple of tabs at the bottom of the page. Each tab is to manage a specific setting of your school. For example, In the legal tab, you can paste the terms and cancellation policies of your school. These terms are being displayed to your students when they book a class online.

Try adding some other information like lead sources and levels. These are not crucial to our next step but no harm in adding them now.

Add Some Courses

Right next to settings on the menu, click on the “courses” item. This takes you to an empty list where you see all the courses your school offers.

This is a good time to mention a couple of user interface standards you see everywhere in Demiks Admin.

  • Normally when you click on an item on the menu, you’ll see a list of that item on the right pane.
  • There is a “search box” on top of the page. Just type something and press enter or click on the search icon. Typing in part of the text is enough. For example you can find students just by typing part of their phone number.
  • Sometimes, there is another icon right next to the search box for “advanced search”. Try it, it’s easy to use.
  • You have a couple of icons on the top right corner of the page. Let’s call that corner the “actions area” These icons handle the functions you can do. Point at them with your mouse to see a hint about what they do.
  • When you change something on the forms or lists, buttons get active/deactive based on what you do.
  • By clicking on each item in the list, you’ll see the details of that item.

Pretty easy and intuitif, right? Now let’s add a new course by clicking on the plus icon in the actions area.

You might ask yourself, what exactly is a “course”? To setup your courses you need to think about what you sell. At this point it doesn’t matter who is teaching it or which day of the week.

Some examples could be “Intensive Spanish”, “IELTS Prep Course”, “French Group Lessons”. Type in the name of the course and the price.

Our support team is ready to help you better configure the software if you feel you need help.

If students are able to buy a number of the same course, you can check the box for “quantity based item”. For example if you price your Intensive Spanish course by week. A student can purchase 1 week or 20 weeks of Intensive Spanish. In this case “Intensive Spanish” is a quantity based item. But IELTS Prep Course is always 4 months and all students start from beginning, finish together, and pay the whole price. This makes the IELTS Prep course a non quantity based item.

Now we have enough information to save the first course. You may now click on the save button in the actions area. Feel free to complete more details about the course or even go ahead and add all your other courses too.

This is all you need to start invoicing students. We’re going to cover the details of managing students, invoicing and getting paid in another article.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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