Practice Speaking In Language Exchange Events

Language Exchange Events In Montreal

Who wouldn’t want to meet new people and have fun while trying to learn a new language? I would, that's for sure. Lucky for you that such a fun and culturally rich city such as Montreal has so many options for you!

Platforms That Are For Language Events


Mundolingo hosts language socials in multiple cities around the world. The events usually take place at well picked restaurants and bars for people to match with languages they are trying to learn.

Good thing that Montreal has some of the BEST places to go out to. Mundolingo’s website says “hangout, make friends, and practice languages for free”. Sweet deal.

How it works is that you go onto their website and go to ‘cities’ at the top right corner, then choose Montreal. You will get a display of different socials being held at different locations around the city.

Once you create an account and RSVP you just need to show up and be ready to have fun!

The socials have a system, where you get flag stickers at the beginning of the night to represent the language(s) that you speak and are learning. You place your native language on top and then place your other flags going down based upon your skill level. This way you can find people to talk with without the coordination of the host. Doesn’t this sound cool!

To learn about upcoming Mundolingo events in Montreal, click here.

Duolingo Events

This language teaching app has a special page for finding language events near you. Follow the link here.

When you follow the link, you will be taken to Duolingo’s event website where you can type in your location. When you type in ‘Montreal’ a list will pop up of language events happening in the city.

Since Duolingo is not only for learning French, make sure you click on the events with the little French flag. Unless you are looking to learn other languages too, in which case this is a great resource for you.

Language Festivals & School Run Events In Montreal


Langfest is a festival for learning languages that takes place each year in Montreal. It takes place over a weekend where a large group of people will listen to talks provided by the top intellectuals of language, attend social activities, and meet fellow language lovers.

Langfest is open to any skill level and it attracts people from around the world. If you are looking for insight into the world of languages, this polyglot festival is something for you to look into! click here to check out LangFest.

CLC Montreal- Tea Time

CLC is a language school that is based in Montreal. However, aside from their great language courses, they offer events that are referred to as ‘tea-times’.

The tea times are offered in four languages, French included. To attend, you must bring a box of cookies or tea, or the fee is $3.

This a great way to practice your French conversation skills in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Plus you get tea and cookies! Click here to check out CLC Montreal’s Tea-times.

Event Websites With Great Databases For Finding Language Events In Montreal


Meetup is a website that compiles all types of events into one place. By clicking on this link to Meetup, you will be taken to the section of the website that is ‘language and culture’ in Montreal.

There is where you have access to the information to hundred of meet ups that happen in and around the city for multiple languages, including French. Having this resource is a sure means of finding a language event that works for you and your schedule to start improving your French skills.


Another event website that can be used to find language meetups and events is EventBrite. Click here to look for French language learning events in Montreal.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events provides a great place to search for language events that you are interested in. Log into your account and search ‘French events in Montreal’ to receive great options for improving your language skills.

All the events vary, ranging from learning conversational skills in the park to French classes. Click here for facebook, then go to events the events section of the website.

Blog post author: Sophia
Author: Sophia
Sophia is an International Development student at McGill University and she is passionate about education, the environment, and social justice.
Thursday, January 2, 2020

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