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Friday, February 28, 2020 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
Lengua y Cultura, Spanish School in Mexico City

Lengua y Cultura, Spanish School in Mexico City

Lengua y Cultura (also known as LyC or L&C) is a 17 year old Spanish language school in Mexico City. As you might’ve noticed the school’s name indicates the emphasis on the culture alongside with the language. Lengua y Cultura is your door to the Spanish language and the Latin American culture.

Why Learn Spanish In Mexico City

You have multiple options for learning Spanish. In case you pick an online course or find a Spanish school in your hometown, you have the comfort of not leaving your town while learning Spanish. But at the same time, getting exposure to the language in a city where the majority of people only speak Spanish definitely challenges you to pick up the language much faster.

By learning Spanish in Mexico you also get the opportunity of learning about the culture. The teachers in Lengua y Cultura are native Mexicans and they are passionate about the Latin American culture, history, traditions and arts.

Travelling to learn Spanish in Mexico City is becoming more and more popular. You make like-minded friends who are passionate about traveling, languages and culture. Curious people are not easy to find if you stay home.

Let’s not forget that you are travelling to Mexico City. The attractions and activities in Mexico City are countless. Spending a couple of weeks in Mexico City, one of the top travel destinations in the world, might change your life forever.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the top travel destinations in the world thanks to its cultural heritage.

You spend a couple of hours per day learning Spanish and the rest of the day is yours. You explore the city and enjoy what Mexico City has to offer after the class. Lengua y Cultura organizes activities for students to help them discover the unseen sides of this beautiful city.

Do we really need to even talk about the food? Don’t we all agree that Mexican cuisine is just amazing? Let me tell you what, the variety of Mexican food you’ve seen in your own country is not even comparable to what you can find here. Among the wide range of restaurant selection, there are many good vegetarian and vegan food options you can try.

Wait a second, do you need us to convince you to learn Spanish? Read this article about top reasons to learn Spanish language.

Where Is Lengua y Cultura Located?

Mexico city is a mega city with a population over 20 million. Travelling from one side to another takes a long time. This makes the neighborhood of your language school a factor in your decision making process.

Lengua y Cultura is located in a neighborhood called Condesa, one of the most lively neighborhoods in Mexico City. I personally took a trip to visit the school and the Condesa neighborhood to see if it meets the safety and convenience criterias. It of course exceeded my expectations.

The school is within walking distance from subway stations, bus stops and other local public transport systems. This makes the school pretty accessible from other neighborhoods but we recommend you choosing a place to stay that is close to the school. This way you can travel to other areas in town after your classes.

The Roma and Condesa neighborhoods are filled with cool coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It also is reasonably close to the tourist attractions, parks, historic places and local markets.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a lively city, especially neighborhoods like condesa and Roma.

You are able to taste the real Mexican food in many restaurants in this neighborhood. The area also offers lots of other options for burgers, pizza, falafel and many other international favorites.

Lengua y Cultura Courses and Programs

The school mainly offers Spanish courses to international students traveling to Mexico City. Nevertheless, there are many other options like English, French, Italian and German. The English classes are mostly popular among local language learners.

The focus in this article is on the Spanish lessons for foreigners. The classes are structured to be part of your trip to Mexico City. You can take Spanish lessons for a couple of hours and then enjoy exploring the city afterwards.

Mexico City

Some of your classes might actually take place somewhere in the city so you get to learn about the culture and the history along with the Spanish language.

The lessons’ content is designed based on the Common European Framework. This helps you understand where exactly you are in your language learning progress after you go back to your country or want to continue learning.

Here’s a few of the most popular L&C’s courses we prepared for you. There are more options offered by the school which you can discover by visiting Lengua y Cultura’s website or contacting them directly. Read on to learn about the more popular courses at LYC.

Regular Spanish Course

This course covers the basics of conversational Spanish language in a two hour session. You’ll take Spanish lessons two hours a day from Monday to Friday and you have the rest of the day to explore Mexico City and practice with locals by ordering food, asking for directions or bargaining on your souvenir shopings.

Intensive Spanish Course

The intensive Spanish course is one hour longer, each day. You might think what does one extra hour per day actually do. You shouldn’t forget that one hour of extra exercises on a two hour course gets you where you want to be 50% faster.

This way you practice Spanish 3 hours a day and for the rest of the day, you have free time enjoying the city.

Super Intensive Spanish Course

For the students who are more serious in their learning process, a 9 am to 4 pm super intensive course is the perfect solution. If you need to learn Spanish for your job or you are thinking about applying for a university, you better take things seriously.

The fun and engaging methods in Lengua y Cultura keep you interested all day long. You take breaks throughout the day to stay sharp and productive.

In this course, time allows the teacher to elaborate on individual needs of the student according to the purpose of learning. Realistic social and business setting role playing and practical application of Spanish language in real-life situations are built in parts of the course.

You still have enough time to rest a bit right after you’re done with your Spanish lessons and maybe take advantage of Mexico City’s lively nightlife. The school is in close proximity to quite a few fun places to check out.

Online Spanish Lessons After Returning Home

One thing you have to do after learning a language is to stay in touch with it and keep improving over time. In a couple of weeks or months, you pick enough of the language and then, slowly, you deepen your knowledge. There are many ways to do so. You can join a community in your hometown that speaks Spanish, find a local language center like “The Language Lounge” that keeps the language alive, or even join Spanish events in your city. L&C also offers online courses to its students to keep up the momentum. Students can continue learning Spanish online after they return home- it’s a series of live sessions with a specialized tutor.

To learn more about LYC courses and prices or if you would like to enroll online, visit Lengua Y Cultura’s profile on Demiks or visit L&C’s official website.

Why Lengua y Cultura?

There are many Spanish language schools in the world to choose from. In this section we want to make the case why Lengua Y Cultura stands out from the crowd.

The unique cultural approach to learning Spanish in LYC is a big advantage you can’t easily find anywhere else. Teachers at LYC teach you about cultural conventions. You learn about different ways of speaking to different generations, genders and people from social groups. You also learn about the day to day modern lifestyle and culture as well as history, religion and beliefs of Mexicans.

The focus on conversational language skills and mixing the class with interactive games pushes you to use the language instead of passively learning the vocabulary. You get to the conversation level very quickly and apply your knowledge outside of the class in the real world. Yes, that’s right, you might order your breakfast in Spanish at a local coffee shop, the first week of your classes.

LYC organizes field trips, guided visits and conversation clubs. Don’t miss out on those activities because they are another opportunity for you to learn Spanish while being social. You’ll make friends, learn about the city and of course, learn more Spanish.

Mexico City

Some of your classes might actually take place somewhere in the city so you get to learn about the culture and the history along with the Spanish language.

One of the things you always want to know before enrolling in a class is the teacher. LYC takes the quality of teacher hiring seriously. Being native and educated is the base, demonstrated passion for the language is a must when it comes to hiring a teacher. Most teachers stay for a long time with the school and they are well acquainted with the methodology and standards at LYC.

You decide to learn Spanish in Mexico City but at some point you want to take a one or two week pause to explore other parts of Mexico. We all know the beaches are tempting you. LYC school is flexible with your schedule as long as it makes sense. You can even stop or start in the middle of the week if you can catch a cheaper flight. LYC is all about student’s convenience while keeping the class’ integrity.

Watch this short L&C introduction video on YouTube.

According to ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook and Demiks, you realize that there are lots of stories about L&C students having developed meaningful connections with the people they care about, found work and/or done business in Latin America.

LYC Spanish School Accreditations

Lengua y Cultura is a legally registered language school with the Federal Mexican Government. The school is also a member of the International Language Organization (TLPAC-USA).

To widen the scope of partnerships and offer innovative services, LYC has signed agreements with institutions and universities like the University of Arizona, Pacific Link College in Vancouver Canada, and several Mexican universities.

Teaching Spanish to students from embassies of the US, Sweden, Finland, South Africa and many more; Multinational corporate officials, such as At&T, BP, Cisco, Uber, etc. indicates the high level of trust among organizations and corporations in the local and international market.

L&C got selected as the best Spanish language school in Mexico by Latin America News. They highlighted the cultural experience and the passion of teaching Spanish that makes L&C the best choice for learning Spanish language in Mexico.

Here at Demiks, we tend to enlist the best schools we know around the world and we featured Lengua y Cultura as one of the best Spanish language schools in Mexico City.

Things To Do After Your Spanish Class In Mexico City

The school organizes some activities to help you learn the language in action while having fun around the city. You are free to get together with your classmates and hang out in local fun places and discover the Latin American history and modern culture.

Lots of things to do in Mexico City, the city of culture, art and history. You’ll be amazed by the depth of its culture once you understand that the city existed long before American continent was “Discovered”. Mexico City is home to an ancient civilization and hosts a modern society today, yours to discover.

Mexico City

Mexico City has a lot of unique attractions to offer to visitors.

Take a look at Visit Mexico website to learn about typical things to do and visit in Mexico City. They’ve done a good job categorizing the things you might like.

CDMX Travel offers activities for upcoming days as well as recommending hot restaurants in town. This site is more focused on CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico).

You can also find lots of interesting things on typical travel websites like Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, AirBnB experiences, and event sites like EventBrite and Meetup.

Making friends in a language class is always easy but what makes these friendships last is the shared experience you have while you are travelling in Mexico City together at the same time. Don’t miss the opportunity of walking around in the city and sharing stories with your new friends.

Thing To Know Before Travelling To Mexico City

We’re writing an extensive blog article about what to do before travelling to Mexico to fully take advantage of your experience but for now, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

For your language course you do not need a special visa unless you’re planning to take Spanish lessons for a really long time. A regular tourist visa (in most cases no visa at all) is normally enough. To check if you need to get a visa before you travel, check VisaHQ and search based on the country where your passport is issued.

Some people don’t take travel insurance seriously but you should. It’s a cheap service that gives you peace of mind while you travel. Talk to your bank to see if you get travel insurance on your credit card. Otherwise, check for a reliable insurance company and ask about travelling to Mexico and medical arrangements they can support you with. If you need additional help, our colleagues could help you out.Contact us now.

If you live in North America Your phone company probably covers you in Mexico for a daily additional fee. The prices for a SIM and local calls are also reasonable in Mexico. The advantage of carrying your own SIM is uninterrupted connection and the advantage of the local SIM is the prices. Telcel, Movistar and AT&T Mexico are the main cell phone providers in Mexico among which Telcel has the best coverage.

Transportation from the airport is straightforward. The airport cabs are managed by the airport and they have fixed fees. It’s not recommended to take other cabs around the airport. Taxi platforms like Uber are super popular and reasonably priced in Mexico City. You can take advantage of your airport internet and book your cab on your phone.

All major credit cards are accepted in Mexico City but if you’re planning to purchase stuff in small shops or dig into the street food (with cautious), you should carry some limited cash with you.

It’s recommended to install and setup WhatsApp on your phone if you haven’t already. It is probably the most popular way of communication in Mexico. The L&C school’s staff are available via WhatsApp messaging in case you need support upon your arrival.

The trip to learn Spanish in Mexico City is going to be one of your life events you will never forget. The language stays with you and the memories are going to amaze your friends for months to come.

Book your spot in the next upcoming class here.
Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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