How To Offer An Online Language Course

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
How To Offer An Online Language Course

Are you thinking about teaching languages online as an independent teacher? You’re going to need a couple of tools to make your dreams come true.

Marketing Your Online Language Course

As an entrepreneur you need to manage many different things now. One important part of running your business is marketing.

Considering the fact that your target audience is students who are interested in online language courses, you need to take digital marketing very seriously.

Introduce Your Online Courses On Your Website

Start a website on WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace or any other website builder platform. It’s a good idea to spend some time and learn how to build a website that is up to the norms and standards.

Create a website to introduce your online courses

Create a website to build trust among language learners.

The website is going to cost you a small amount of money for the domain name and the website builder platform. Compare the different service providers and find the one that offers features you’re looking for at a reasonable price before making a commitment.

Your content should be unique, descriptive and authentic. This helps your clients better understand you and also improves your ranking on search engines like Google.

Learn about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so language learners looking for online language courses find you easily. Here’s a beginner Guide to SEO by Mozila.

Build A Community Of Language Learners On Social Media

It’s not a long time ago that social networks were born but social marketing is a science now. To create and sell an online language course, you should learn about social marketing.

Social media marketing & language teaching

Attract more students for your online lessons by promoting yourself on social media.

Today there are many YouTube channels and Instagram accounts that offer grammar tips, word of the day and all other sorts of bite size lessons and exercises. Social media is a good way to give your students a taste of your style and methods. You need to build trust before they pay you for your online language course.

Do some research and find a way to offer something that is missing in the market. Watch some tutorials on how to do social media marketing. A couple of simple hints could bring you lots of followers on your channel.

Remember that you don’t need to be everywhere. Producing content even for one social network is time consuming. Take on just one project at a time. You can expand as you go in the future. We recommend starting with the ones you understand better while having an eye on the competition.

On your bio or in the description of your posts and videos remind them that you teach languages online. Let them know how they can sign up for your online language lessons.

Blogging Is The Best Long Term Investment For Online Services

Writing a good blog article brings in visitors for years. Offer what your audience is looking for on your blog. They discover you on a search engine and if your content is compelling, you’ll definitely get new students or at least new followers on your social media.

This page where they read your article is a landing page. People might not know who you are and what your website is about. Imagine searching on Google about a grammatical topic and you end up reading about it on a blog. You need to introduce yourself or mention your services in the blog text or on the corner of the page.

Put your call to action right on the page or add a link to another page where they can act.

Call To Action is what you want them to do. It could be a contact form, registering for a class or an invitation to following your social media page.

How To Sell An Online Language Course, Literally

After building an online presence and attracting language learners to your kingdom, it’s time to sell. We’re talking about online audiences so online sales is an important component of your sales process.

Sell Courses On Your Site & Social Media

In case your student is ready to purchase a course, they shouldn’t be blocked for technological reasons to do so. Easy to follow and secure registration with minimum data entry is important.

Your online sales process should be flexible. Some students prefer to connect with the person behind the website. Some students have questions before registrations. Provide contact us forms, email address, phone number or live chat on your website helps you sell more.

Online billing and payment for language courses

As an entrepreneur you need to bill and you need to get paid.

I find the contact us form very practical because it eliminates the need of having someone responsible for picking up the phone or responding to the live chat. At the same time you won’t forget to ask the students’ contact information for future follow ups.

Demiks offers a CRM to follow up on the leads you collect from your website’s contact us form. The CRM could be integrated with your website to reduce the amount of manual work for you.

If you prefer the live chat option, check out for a free chat box.

For your online sale you can also integrate your website with Demiks CRM. Sign up at Demiks Admin website for free. This tool gives you two possibilities for online sales.

The first option is to integrate your website with Demiks online checkout. This way students can purchase and pay for a language class without contacting you.

The second option is to send an invoice via email to your client from your dashboard and the student pays the tuition fees online. You’ll get notified in your dashboard and you have a record of all your students, enrollment history and payments.

Sell Your Language Course Over The Phone

If a student calls you over the phone, WhatsApp or Skype, once they are ready to pay, you need to give them a way to transfer you the tuition fee and book your time.

If you redirect them back to your website to do the registration online, you’ll be reducing your data entry and you avoid spelling mistakes.

In case the student is in the same country, you can use the existing infrastructure provided by the banking system. Normally exchanging a bank account number or email address solves the problem.

Another possibility which also works for international payments is using systems like PayPal and Moneris or Stripe. These payment processors charge a fee for their services but the value they add is worth it.

Demiks online payment and online billing system is integrated with well known payment processors.

Live Online Language Classes

Once you sell an online course, it’s time for teaching. I’m sure you’re already prepared with some course material and lesson plans. To make this happen, you need to take one last step, meet your student online.

Skype is a popular platform for video chats. It gives you the possibility to chat with multiple people at the same time. You can share files with others on the chat. You are able to share your screen with your students if necessary. On the plus side, it’s an app that already your students know and use but on the other hand, you might get interrupted in the middle of a call.

Zoom is an easy to use app that is gaining popularity quickly. It comes with a free version for meetings under 45 minutes. It offers the same functionalities like Skype. One of the differences is that you organize a Zoom meeting with a student and just the student who has the code can join the meeting. This eliminates the possibility of interruption. The inconvenience of using Zoom for your online classes beside the extra step of sending meeting codes is the pricing plan and the limits of the free version.

Course Material & Tutorials

It would be nice for the students to have access to the course material you use during the class. They could even prepare themselves for the class beforehand if they could take a look at the topics you’ll work on during the session.

Sending files to each student before or after each class could be time consuming. Keeping track of what you’ve sent before to a specific student is also challenging. One solution is to create an online language course on a platform and give access to your students.

Course Material Management

Manage and share your course material digitally.

Google Classroom is a free online classroom environment where you can share files from your Google Drive, videos from YouTube, etc. It’s a nice environment for a classroom with multiple students. You can share assignments and set deadlines.

Demiks offers a platform for managing your classes. You can arrange your online checkout process and online billing system to share your course material with your students. This happens automatically as soon as you confirm an invoice or a student pays for a class.

Please let us know in the comment area if you know a tool that makes teaching languages easier.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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