Free School Management Software

Monday, August 17, 2020 Blog post author: Lauren Lauren
Free School Management Software

Manage Your School Online for Free with Demiks

For many people, physical distancing has finally created the occasion to do something they’ve been meaning to for a long time: move their small business online. Are you ready to bring your school online? Maybe your teachers have already started teaching online classes, but what about your administration? Are you still going to the office to sort through files or transfer your harddrive to a disk? Maybe it’s time to bring your school management online. 

At Demiks, we know moving your academic administration online can feel like a big undertaking, but we’re here to help you make the transition easily, efficiently, successfully - and for free! In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the free school management software from Demiks. In this article, we’ll take you through:

  • How to sign up for our CRM
  • Managing leads
  • Student registration
  • Invoicing software
  • Customer reviews in the marketplace

Why Bring Your School Online?

Administration has changed over the years from big filing cabinets to shared folders, and drives. Often, changes are implemented one at a time, leaving you with a zoo of different software and hardware, drawers, and piles, and documents which seem to disappear with retired staff members! The advantage to our free school management software is that this is a one-stop-shop. 

Everything you need in one place - including assistance. Keep your student demographics and class records in one place as long as you need them and then put them to use with our CRM. Offering a new course this session? Easy access to your student records can provide you with opportunities to reach out to customers and extend your relationship. Having trouble keeping track of billing? We’ll help you keep your accounting organized so tax season is a breeze, and even help you contact students with payment reminders.

Free School Management Software

It all begins with signing up. You can create a free account or login with your Google account. To get started, the basic information you will need is:

  • School contact information
  • Time Zone
  • Currency for payments
  • Name of at least one course you offer

Once you’ve entered this information, you’ll find your personalized Demiks Dashboard. Everytime you log in, you will see reminders on your dashboard to help keep you organized. Things like Students starting soon, Students not Assigned to a Class, and Classes Starting Soon.

Customer Relations Management Begins with Leads

  • Publish your course offerings in the marketplace
  • Link Demiks to your website
  • Track all of your leads in one place
  • Organize and search your leads by source, level, interest
  • Track conversions

The first tab on your dashboard is Leads - an essential starting point for our CRM. When you’re getting set up on Demiks, we’ll help you connect your website to our platform. This way, all of the course descriptions from your website will be available to prospective students on Demiks. 

Add all of your course offerings to your account to show prospective students what you offer. For example, you can add an Advanced English Conversation Course which runs for 12 one-hour sessions twice a week for $300. Click the “Publish” button and your course will appear on the Demiks Marketplace. We will help set you up with what you need so that any new leads from your own website will appear in your Demiks free management software.

If you’ve listed your language course on the Demiks Marketplace, you’ll see any new customer leads in this first tab. We do the work to bring prospective students to the marketplace, all you need to do is let the students know what your school offers. You will be alerted to any new “unread” leads, you can review your lead history, and you can set reminders and notifications to help you with converting your leads. Once you are ready, you can click on your leads and register them for classes.

You can add leads manually: simply click Add Lead, provide the name, contact, level, interest, source (e-mail, ad campaign, reference, etc.). You can further organize your leads by adding tabs (ex: Serious, Summer Classes, Evenings, Full time, Advanced, Writing, etc.). This way, when you are ready to start a new class, you can look through your leads to find the students who match the offering and convert your leads to customers.

Student Registration

  • Register students and create profile
  • Assign students to a class
  • Keep track of student registration history
  • Set reminders

The next feature of our free CRM software is managing your school registrations and student lists. When a student has selected the class that works best for them, you can use the software to register the student and assign them to a class.

In the Student tab on your dashboard, you can add your registered students and their billing information. You can create a student profile to keep track of their registration history - their class history can help you to plan what course offerings you may want to propose. 

Your student profiles will also tell you a student’s payment history, and allow you to keep any notes or set reminders for your administration. (For example, “Confirm change of address,” or “Follow up for second payment.”)

Billing & Invoicing Software

  • Create clear invoices
  • Include all the information relevant to you and your students
  • Download invoices as PDF’s to send to your students
  • Track invoices issued and payment history
  • Keep all of your accounting in one place

Create invoices efficiently using our free invoicing software. The Demiks school management software allows you to create invoices directly on the platform. The invoice template is easy to use so you don’t have to worry about formatting each time. You can include invoice number, taxes, cancellation and refund policies, and any discounts or promotions in your invoices. You can also keep track of your invoice and payment history, as well as see what sales traffic is generated by your site. Your List of Invoices shows you the payment status for each invoice. With one quick glance you can see what payments have been completed, made in part, or are still outstanding.

With the paid subscription to Demiks, the software allows you to directly request payments from your students by linking your Demiks account to your Stripe account (so no one has to deliver cheques to the bank on their lunch break!). With the free school management software, you are able to create and track your invoices, and email them to your students as PDF’s. Of course, you can easily record any payments which happen outside of this site so that all of your accounting is in one place.

Get Customer Reviews

Once you have a presence on the Demiks marketplace, students are able to leave reviews of their experiences at your school. You know as well as we do that nothing is more valuable than the voices of your satisfied students, so let them do the talking for you! Prospective students using Demiks to find language courses will be able to look through your course offerings, your school description, access your website, and read the rave reviews and passionate testimonials from your happy language learners!

Let us Help

If you have any questions about how or why to start using the free school management software on Demiks, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out. Bringing your school to an online platform doesn’t have to be costly, and just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

We are passionate about language learning. We believe strongly in helping language schools bring their lessons to more learners. Once you get started with Demiks, let us know if there are any ways our free services for schools can better suit your needs and we’ll be there to help you out.

Blog post author: Lauren
Lauren Clinton is an English language instructor, PR consultant, translator, and editor based in Montreal. She has lived, learned, and played music all around Canada and beyond.

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