Building the Best Website for Your Language School

Saturday, October 31, 2020 Blog post author: Lauren Lauren
Building the Best Website for Your Language School

Grow Your School with a Great Website

Whether you are a freelance teacher or an established language school, having a great website is an essential tool for your school. If you already have a website, is it doing the most it can to help you attract new customers and register new students? If you are looking to grow your teaching practice, and maybe thinking of starting your own language school, building a website is a great first step.

What makes a great language school website?

In this article, we'll look at some of the essentials for a great website for your language teaching business. Whether you already have a website or are building one from scratch, this checklist will help to guarantee that your school has the best website possible. Here it is, the essential elements for a great language school website:

  • About Your School - What is your brand?
  • Key Information - Is your website helpful?
  • Up-to-date Information - Help visitors discover your services
  • Easy Registration - Convert leads effeciently

About Your School

The "About Us" section is crucial to any good business website. This is the place where prospective students can get a sense of what sets your school apart from others. All language schools have one thing in common: they teach languages! Obvious, we know, but what is special about how your language school teaches or maybe why your language school teaches languages?

Your "About Us" section should provide your readers with information about the spirit of your school. Maybe your school was founded because you wanted to help new citizens navigate a new community via language learning. Maybe your school was founded because you discovered an incredible technique to help people learn languages faster. Whatever is at the heart of your story will help set your school apart and attract new language learners.

Make sure you take the time to thoughtfully develop this section. Ask a few people to read it and get their feedback. Keep it short and specific. Visitors to your website won't likely have the attention span to read a long article about your history, but highlighting key elements can help them invest in your language school. Show them the human side and the story behind your language business.

Provide Key Information

Your website needs to be helpful for visitors. This is an opportunity for a first interaction and if someone lands on your website and isn't able to access the information they need within a few clicks, they may end up moving on to the next site.

Some language websites are hesitant to present their pricing because they are afraid to reveal too much to competitors or afraid to scare potential customers off with pricing. While you may have good reason for not wanting to give away too much too soon, you also don't want your potential customers to feel like you are hiding this information or to get frustrated searching and move on. At the very least, we recommend providing some baseline pricing to help your leads move one step closer to registering.

Other key information to include on your website is course offerings and course start dates. One of the advantages to using school management software for your language school is that some school management software will integrate with your website and automatically update this information for you. This means your website will always display your most current course offerings (without you having to spend the time going in and updating everything on your website).

Of course, some of the most key information is the most basic: Where are you located? How can you be reached?

Keeping Your Information Up-to-Date

Have you ever visited a website and realized that the featured article or photo was from four years ago? How do you respond? Most likely, you assume you can't rely on the information on the website because it may not have been updated since before TikTok was invented!

Even if your school offers the same courses, the same start dates and the same teachers for years at a time (as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!), you still want to be sure that language learners visiting your website know that this information is still relevant now. Keeping your language school website up-to-date can be as simple as adding new photos to your landing page with a caption showing the recent date or creating new fun content like articles, quotes from teachers, or messages like, "Happy Halloween!" to show that the website is still active (and therefore, the language school is too!)

Also, you want to be sure any new and pertinent changes to your language school are immediately obvious to your prospective students. For example, this year, many schools have switched some or all of their classes to online classes. If your school has made this change, but all of the information on your website talks about in-person classes, your customers may feel misled when they go to register for classes.

Keeping your website current also means ensuring new offerings are always being reflected on your website. Again, if you are using a school management software system that integrates with your website, you can have the option to display upcoming courses on your website. For example, our Demiks school management software allows you to display all of your offered courses as well as start dates on your website so potential students can register easily.

Remember, your website should be doing the work to help you register new students easily. If students have to go to one page to find prices, one page to find courses offered, and then another to find when the next courses are beginning, you are maybe asking them to run around too much and risk losing them on their journey. If the student can clearly see a list of upcoming courses with start dates and then simply click to register, your chances are a lot better of landing those students.

Easy Registration

In the language of CRM, you want to be able to easily and efficiently convert your leads to customers. Again, this means making the steps (or in this case, clicks) between discovery and registration as easy as possible. Does your website offer online payment options? How much time do you spend creating and processing invoices?

Your website should make it easy for students to register and easy for you to process these registrations. Again, integrating with a school management software system like the one we offer at Demiks is a great way to facilitate this process.

Don't forget, another important element for facilitating registration is making sure potential customers can easily get in touch with you. Your website already has all of the information, but maybe a new language learner wants to ask you a question that is specific to their situation (for example, maybe they know they will have to miss one or two classes for scheduling reasons and want to know if this will affect pricing or their ability to complete the course). You need to be sure that they can ask this question and receive an answer in the most timely way possible, so make sure your contact information (and the variety of ways you can be contacted) are all obvious to your website visitors.

How School Management Software Can Help

The language school management software we have created here at Demiks is designed to make all of the important administrative tasks for your language school so much easier - and this includes maintaining a great website for your language school. When you're using Demiks to manage your school administration, you can choose what updates you want to be made available on your website. This means when you are managing and updating your own records of upcoming courses, this information can be automatically made visible on your own school website. As well, we offer online payment services which means when your students register, you can process their invoices and payments all through the Demiks Admin software. More software doesn't have to mean more spending. If you are looking for help but don't have a budget at the moment, you can always use our free language school management software to help you run your language school. And of course, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions!

Building Your Website from Scratch?

If you are just starting your language school, maybe you are just now looking to build your website. Don't worry, you don't need to be a web developer in order to build a fantastic website! There are lots of great tools and services out there to help you! Here's a quick list of some easy-to-use website builders:

  • WordPress: WordPress is one of the original go-to website builders for bloggers. Of course, they have changed with the times and have lots of interesting design options for your website. They have a number of monthly plans (including a free option) available.
  • Squarespace: For anyone who wants a little help choosing the right webpage design, Squarespace is a great option. Their Get Started quiz asks you questions about the nature of your business and desired website to help you to choose a model that will best suit the needs of your language school.
  • Wix: As with the other two web-builders on this list, Wix offers a good list of pre-made designs. For those of you who have the tech savvy, but maybe don't want to spend all of your time building and maintaining your site, Wix has an Open Dev Platform option which allows you to add your own code and to have total design freedom.
Blog post author: Lauren
Lauren Clinton is an English language instructor, PR consultant, translator, and editor based in Montreal. She has lived, learned, and played music all around Canada and beyond.

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