Learn Spanish in Montreal with Legados school

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Blog post author: Hamid Hamid
Learn Spanish in Montreal with Legados school

In this article we introduce Legados, a Spanish language school located in Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal.

The founder strives to respond to the needs of the Latin American families in Montreal who want to pass on their heritage, language and culture to their children. Today, Legados also offers Spanish courses for adults and even seniors who are interested in learning Spanish.

Legados Location and Atmosphere

The school is located in the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal and is very convenient to access by public transportation.

They have a beautiful library full of interesting short stories, kid’s books, and even classic hispanic literature. The school regularly adds more books to enrich their collection and provide more variety of content.

Legados Spanish book libraryLegados shares a beautiful and colorful library with those who are passionate about the Spanish language.

While visiting the school, right after a class for kids, I saw parents borrowing books so they could participate in the language learning process at home and connect with their children over stories from their own culture.

The school is filled with colourful toys and learning material. The classes are very active to allow kids to be kids while learning Spanish.

Music and dance are part of the ways the teachers attract and engage with students. A keyboard, two guitars and a couple of other instruments are available for live music along with a good sound system and a collection of records to play during activities.

Learn Spanish with Latin American rhythmMusic and other forms of art are an important part of Legados methods of teaching Spanish language and Latin American culture.

The environment is very cozy and charming at Legados. The space is decorated by beautiful details, full of colour and culture.

The Students

Originally, Legados only offered courses to second generation immigrant kids who were brought to the school by their parents to learn Spanish. For the parents, the purpose was to keep their children in contact with their culture and to learn the language.

Now Legados offers a wider range of courses and workshops for people from different age groups and backgrounds. Learning Spanish is very popular these days (Learn why learning Spnish is popular) and Legados is taking the charge of bringing Spanish language lessons to Montrealers.

Senior citizens are also interested in learning Spanish for things like intergenerational bonding, socializing, traveling, avoiding cognitive aging, etc. Legados prepares fun Spanish classes for seniors with latin american musical rhythms and engaging lessons.

Legados is not just a school, it’s a fun centre for activities, culture and friendship.

Spanish Events

Stay tuned to Legados social media to get notifications whenever there is an event going on. Spanish movie nights, creative writing, dance workshops, theatre, and history are just some of the workshops and events organized by Legados language school.

Follow Legados on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Legados Spanish Lessons

Legados offers a variety of Spanish courses to the Plateau Mont-Royal community. It all started with a Spanish as a heritage language course for kids but now students from all walks of life participate in Legados courses.

Spanish Courses For Kids

Legados offers playful and artistic courses for kids with plenty of fun activities that help them discover the world of Latin American culture. These classes are normally once a week for almost two hours. Students develop artistic skills along with communication skills in Spanish.

Spanish Courses For Adults

As an adult, if you want to learn Spanish, improve your communicative skills or take a language exam, Legados has you covered. The classes are three times a week, two hours each. This intensive course brings you to the intermediate level in a short period of time.

Spanish Courses For Seniors

A social class where you learn the Spanish language, Latin American culture, and musical rhythm. During the first part of the class you learn Spanish use and then in the second part, your group exercises and practices with Latin American rhythms.

Learn more about Spanish courses in Legados.

The Management Team & Teachers

Legados was founded by Mariana in 2015 to help local hispanophones in Montreal keep their heritage alive. Mariana was born in Argentina and all of the teachers at the school speak Spanish as their first language.

Legados teamLegados team. This photo was shared on Legados Facebook page in 2017.

The love for teaching and the admiration of art and culture is evident everywhere in the school and appreciated by the students. The relationship between teachers and students is friendly and warm.

Interview With Legados’ Founder, Mariana

We had a chance to visit Legados Spanish school on a calm Saturday morning. Mariana gave us a quick tour of the school to show us where the magic happens! Watch the interview with Mariana on YouTube to see the environment and listen to Mariana introducing Legados.

Legados Spanish language and culture institute is located at 202-4510 Rue Cartier conveniently located for the community in Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. Please find more details on their website at legados.ca.

Blog post author: Hamid
Hamid is an engineer and up and coming entrepreneur. He has a passion for languages and encourages those around him to never stop learning.

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