Learn French in Montreal Quebec

Learn French in Montreal

Have you decided to learn French? Are you thinking about spending a couple of months in a francophone city and learn the language? We have reasons for you to consider Montreal.


Since most Montrealers speak both French and English you can get away with your limited knowledge of French. We all know Canadians are nice. They try to make you feel comfortable so they might switch on you in case they see you struggle in French. Let them know you would like to practice your French and you'll see how patient and proud of you they are.

Government support

Quebec government promotes the French language through motivation, cultural activities and financial support. New immigrants and students waiting for permanent residence can take advantage of free french classes as well as government financial support for full time learners.

The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) is established to promote French as the usual and official language of communities, businesses and administration in Quebec. OQLF requires businesses to provide customer service in both French and English languages. This means you can get service anywhere in Montreal in French no matter how slow you are in your Expression Orale.

Government has also prepared online courses and evening programs for those who work in Montreal and want to learn French on their spare time. Among these programs you can find special French classes for industry specific vocabulary.

Financially reasonable

Cost of living in Montreal is low compared to cities in the area. Staying for a couple of months in Montreal might even end up saving you some money if you already live in an expensive city.

Régie du logement has been working hard to control rent increases and housing quality in Montreal. At the same time Montreal is a big student city. Sharing an apartment with other students for a short period of time is easy.

Getting around in Montreal is easy and cheap. STM buses and Metro are available in all student areas and downtown. Bikes are the most popular transport system in summer time. Bike lanes are everywhere and bikes are available to rent at every corner.

Living in Montreal is fun

Rich in history and culture, Montreal offers variety of festivals, events and activities. There is literally a festival happening everyday all year long. Some of which are well known internationally and attract thousands of visitors every year. The nightlife in Montreal is also fun to explore. Huge murals, local musicians playing in bars, metro and streets of Montreal, street performers and beautiful architecture are signatures of Montreal you have to experience yourself.

Friday, January 26, 2018
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Mario Ruy Hernandez Wednesday, November 28, 2018 8:23 AM

I moved recently to Montreal and I really want to learn more and practice my French

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