Create a student profile on Demiks

Reasons to create a profile

Demiks helps students find, rate and compare schools and eventually enroll in their favorite program. They could create a profile on Demiks anytime during or after enrollment. The profile creation is as easy as clicking on one of your social network icons in Login page. Creating a profile on Demiks helps students in different ways.

Keep track

After enrolling in a program students might want to double check the dates, costs and other details. With a Demiks profile you can stay on top of your enrollments and return back to the list anytime.

Easier in future

If you create a profile you don’t need to do a full data entry everytime you want to enroll in a new program. You also carry your basic information with you wherever you go.

Get notified

Don’t you like to have someone notify you before your program starts? Or maybe a quick reminder to leave a comment/feedback about your program and school after finishing your program. Of course you can pop-out anytime you want to stop receiving emails.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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