Free Apps for Learning French Language

Apps for Learning French

Well, it is often said that a task always appears difficult to do until someone does it. This is how learning a new language can feel like but at some point in your life, you will find learning a new language absolutely necessary. Whether it is for business, pleasure or even academics, the only way to master the French language is to speak it. That definitely sounds easy to do but where will you get all the practice words and better still, how will you know which sections of language, to begin with? Luckily, technology has made learning a lot easier these days because, with a basic internet-enabled smartphone, you have access to thousands of apps that offer structured french language learning plans.

If you have a busy life schedule, you will find that your lunch break, commute time or while preparing meals are opportune times to learn a new word or two. Let's go through some apps to analyze how best they fit in our lives;


Memrise was founded in 2010 and 7 years later, it was recognized as the best language learning app. The platform is user-generated and learners are assisted in memorizing languages using flashcards. When you choose Memrise, you are exposed to an average of 6 courses per language.


Learn French by Bravolol Limited is a perfect French language course for beginners or tourists who need a crash language course. The app will help you learn 800 common words and phrases of the French language via a parrot. Repeat what the parrot says and you will polish up your spelling and pronunciation. The app allows learners to pick out words most relevant to them as well as record their own voices to review later.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a free app that all Android device users can access. This app was created on assumption that the learner will be learning French as their first language. Do not, therefore, expect translations and be ready to start speaking French immediately. Luckily, you will get feedback on areas of pronunciation you need to improve on.

Le Conjugueur

Le Conjugueur is an app designed for learners who already have basic french speaking skills. This will help you to brush up on grammar because it mostly features french verbs that learners use conjugate tenses. You will find this app to be an excellent tool if you are studying professional level French or taking a french taught course.

The decision to take online French language classes in favor of classroom lessons might be the best decision you make in today's busy societal model. It is no secret that French is a demanding language but these apps offer you the freedom to organize your learning schedule as you please. Did you know that your brain is better equipped to grasp and store information acquired in a mellow mood than in a stressed-out state?

Friday, July 27, 2018
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