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Web Development Bootcamp

Phase 1
Programming Fundamentals DecodeMTL takes a projects based approach while focusing on the fundamentals of JavaScript. Including the final projects the students will build a total of four projects in groups and create a number of smaller individual projects. In the first week, we deepen our understanding of JavaScript and students team up to build a browser based game.


DecodeMTL Reviews

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    Wednesday, February 21, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I was part of the summer 2016 cohort for the full-stack web development bootcamp and it was an amazing experience. The curriculum of the bootcamp is consisted of the latest emerging technologies and innovative frameworks (and also some fundamentals of programming). The final project, structured like a mini start-up project, is very educative and provides the experience of presenting in front of a crowd of recruiters and people from the industry. The program is preparing its student for the job market, where you can expect to be hired for a Web Developer job just 3-6 weeks following the bootcamp. Definitely a fun and educative experience, worth the investment.

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    Wednesday, February 21, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I'm a recent graduate from the Web Development Immersive program at DecodeMTL. First of all, i cant express how knowledgeable and passionate the main instructor(Ziad) is. He is not only an amazing developer but a great instructor. He cares a lot about every student and get great satisfaction when you finally understand the material. Secondly, you will have to show your dedication in this program. Don't expect too many lecture but hands-on non-stop workshops and cool projects. We learned a lot about thinking programmatically about a problem and the multiple steps that we might take to solve this problems. And if you cant , then you can ask the also very savvy TA's that will be in the classroom to assist you and help you understand the material. The last thing that i would like to say is that they do provide you with a very complete package in which you will learn not just the latest technologies but also the significance of how this technologies came into place in the industry. In the end, what truly matter is how much effort you decide to give for obtaining these new skills.

  • FAQ

    I’m a beginner, can I still apply?

    Absolutely! We encourage everyone with an interest in programming wanting to join our course to apply, regardless of your skill level. If you have never coded before, we have developed a free Prep Course which you can do on your own time before committing to take our course. This is meant to teach you the fundamentals required for our course, as well as give you a taste for what web development is. If you are still unsure whether or not you should apply, we suggest you schedule a visit or call so we can take the time to speak to you one-on-one.

    How do you help with my portfolio?

    It all starts with the fact that you will write a lot of code. Your GitHub account will be filled with assignments, projects, and workshops from class. You will also have the opportunity to build-out a handful of mini projects, and one to two larger applications that you can feature on a portfolio site. Keep in mind it will be up to you to polish up your projects and get them online.

    What does a successful student look like?

    A successful Decode student is hardworking and motivated. They show up everyday and put their 100% into learning, practicing, and becoming better developers.

    What is the overall time commitment?

    The bootcamp lasts 8 weeks, and you can expect to be here from 10am to 9pm most days (Monday to Friday). After the 8 weeks, if you are looking for employment, you can expect to dedicate about 40+ hours a week, between looking for a job and practicing your code. During the bootcamp, you will not receive “homework”. The reason you can expect to be working into the evening is because your homework is done during bootcamp hours. That said, there is always supplemental learning you can be doing on the side. Joining the bootcamp is a big commitment, and we expect you to take it seriously. Working another job during the bootcamp, taking vacations, and missing classes are not permitted.

    What are the laptop requirements?

    Mac, Windows, or Linux are all permitted. You need at least 4GB of RAM, an 11inch or larger screen, and it must be no more than 3 years old.

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