Introduction to Demiks Admin

Demiks Admin is online software for school management. This easy to use app is designed to help school administration teams with their day to day tasks including student registration, billing, online and in-person payments, class management, and much more.

Who Can Use Demiks School Management Software

This software is flexible enough to be adopted by many different kinds of schools. Basically, if you offer private or group classes you can use Demiks Admin.

Even if you are a solo-entrepreneur or freelancer teacher, this software platform gives you the technology you need to manage and improve your business. At the beginning of the onboarding process, you let the software know that you are a teacher and it adapts to your requirements. Don’t worry, you can seamlessly switch to a school if your practice grows and you need to hire more teachers.

With that in mind, we built the software to be adaptable to general needs by applying standard business, accounting, and education standards to our design.

Because Demiks’ mission is to bring cultures together, our main focus is schools that offer cultural experiences. Language, cuisine, music, and dance schools are vehicles for making cultural connections and that is why we are so passionate about them. When we need to make a design decision or prioritize our backlogs, we always have our cultural schools in mind.

Demiks School Management Features

Demiks School Management Software helps you with three main aspects of your business.

Marketing Your School & Getting More Students

Your website visitors should bring in more students for you. Students need to be able to communicate with you on your website - reliably. This means, once they ask a question, you need to respond and follow up multiple times to make sure you’ve provided all the information they need to make a decision.

You can’t afford losing student questions in your mailbox or not following up at the right moment. Demiks Admin brings consistency to your school to increase your marketing results.

Student Registration & Payments

Signing up for a class shouldn’t be complicated. With Demiks Admin you have multiple options to register a student all within the same platform.

Students should be able to sign up directly on your website. Your website’s online sales can be logged directly using Demiks for checkout and payment.

For students who show up at your school in person, you can issue an invoice, print it for your student or send it via email.

Sending an invoice and a payment request for students signing up with you over the phone or after a chain of back and forth emails is easy with Demiks School Management Software. The online payment automatically updates your records and frees you up to focus on more important tasks for your school.

Partial payments and unpaid invoices are easy to spot and track. You can also send your student emails and request online payments.

Class Management

Managing a class gets repetitive and keeping up with every class is challenging. Demiks Admin brings you everything you need to know about your class and allows you to perform these boring tasks in a couple of clicks.

Create a class and drag & drop your new students into the class. Organizing classes has never been so easy! You’ll see the class list and share it with the teacher.

Mass communication with students, attendance management and class calendar are just some of the many features you have at your fingertips to run your school.