Marketing for Language Schools

Demiks encourages language learning on its blog and social media and promotes language schools. You can list your language school on Demiks Marketplace.

List Your Language School on Demiks Marketplace

Sign up to add your school to the list of language schools recommended by Demiks. The sign up process walks you through basic settings like contact info, courses and pricing.

Once the setup is done, it’s time to publish your school. Follow these steps to publish your school and courses.

  1. Open the list of courses from the “Menu > Settings > Courses”;
  2. Open one of the courses you would like to publish;
  3. Click on the “Publish” button to activate it;
  4. Click on the “Save” button on the top right corner.

After publishing the first course, your school is published on Demiks Marketplace. To publish more courses repeat the steps above for each course.

Sell Your Courses on Demiks Marketplace

Demiks Marketplace attracts many language learners through blogging, marketing activities and advertisement. If you’re interested in selling the courses on Demiks Marketplace, you need to also set up a payment method.

  • How to set up Stripe in Demiks Admin for online registration and payment.

Once you set up one of the online payment processors like Stripe, you can activate sales on Demiks Marketplace in the course details and set a commission.

Students will discover your language courses on Demiks Marketplace and after they book and make a payment, Demiks transfers the funds directly from the student to your account after deducting the commission you agreed to.

On the other end, you see the student’s info next to a confirmed and paid invoice in your Demiks Admin panel.

Sell Your Courses on Your Website

Setting up and maintaining an online shop for your language courses is tedious and time consuming. Keeping the details and pricing information is not easy either. The online sales could be initiated from your website but handled by Demiks Marketplace.

You can activate online sales on your website for each course. By activating the “Sell this course on my site” option in the course details, the system provides you with a link. Create a button on your website and put the link down.

By clicking on the button, students navigate to an online sales wizard on Demiks Marketplace where they enter their information and pay the tuition. Most students don’t even notice they were navigated to another platform.

Booking a Class Online on Demiks Marketplace

By following the instruction above, you enabled the online sales for your language school. That functionality issues an invoice for you but the student is not assigned to a class.

You can keep things simple and leave it there. After each registration you assign the student to a class. The other alternative is to let the student pick a class too while going through the online booking experience.

It makes everything easier since you do less manual work. The inconvenience is that you have less control over the student’s level matching the class. We recommend this for beginner classes where students don’t need a placement test.

  • Learn more about creating classes and publishing them for online class bookings.

Featuring Your School on Demiks Blog and IG

We feature language schools that have a focus on cultural exchange, friendship and peace on our blog and social media channels. Contact us for more details and to organize a virtual meeting with one of our colleagues.