Migration to Demiks School Management Software

One of the biggest obstacles for schools to move away from Excel or legacy software is the migration to the new software. The process of adopting a new software for your business could be very tedious, time consuming. You might sometimes ask yourself, is it worth it? The answer is always yes.

Before starting this process you need to make sure you’ve evaluated the new platform you are going to adopt. You don’t want to do this process twice.

What to look for in a software

Before going through all the troubles of implementing a software for your school you need to ask yourself and the vendor a couple of serious questions. We don’t want to go deep in this conversation. We just list a couple of important topics here for you but feel free to search on internet for articles on this matter.

  • What percentage of the functionalities I need does the software offer out of the box?
  • Is there enough tutorials, videos and guides available for my team?
  • Does the software integrate with other tools I already use at my school?
  • Which level I support do I receive with the license I purchase?
  • How often the software vendor pushes new updates?
  • What is the total cost of ownership over time? Include the hidden costs too.
  • Is the software intuitive and user friendly?
  • Does it support all the languages, currencies, calendars, time zones I need?
  • Will I need a different software if my school grows really fast?

Common Reasons Some Migrations Fail

The process of implementing a new software is not always successful. Buying the license to a good software is just the beginning. Success will be very rewarding but it takes some effort too.

At Demiks we help our clients with this process. We offer unlimited phone, email and video chat help and support since we know our success is tied to your success.

This is a list of the most common reasons a software implementation fails.

  • Poor feature/requirement fit.
  • Lack of commitment to the process.
  • Habits and the desire to keep them.
  • Not dedicating time to training and coaching.
  • Obstacles moving legacy data to the new system.
  • Not testing.

Demiks Recommendations and Best Practices

We’ve seen all of the above if not more and learnt from them. We can help you migrate to our school management software and support you along the way.

To make sure you understand the features and functionalities our products offer we provide a free plan where you can try the system for an unlimited period of time. Lots of documents and videos are available for you to learn how our system works before committing. Our sales team is a couple of clicks away for a personalized demo and gap analysis.

Communication with the school’s managers as well as the administration team, teachers and students is the key to success. We try to connect everyone to the same platform so the flow of information is effortless in the future. Everyone needs to commit to this process and get enough attention during the training.

We try our best to keep the software as user friendly as possible so old habits do not block us. Users need to feel that using the new system is easier than what they are used to do.

We keep producing tutorials, videos, tooltips and other material to make the learning experience pleasant. We also face to face training and coaching sessions to our clients. Our coaching is with real world examples. We register students, create classes, assign students to classes, etc. with you until we are sure your team has mastered doing their daily tasks in the software.

Data entry is easy with Demiks products. We offer intuitive forms to enter data. We also offer “Import from Excel” functionality to enable bulk imports. We are open to data import projects if you are willing to create an automated transfer from a legacy database. These kind of projects are not included and they must be evaluated beforehand.

We usually recommend and perform an iterative transition. In each iteration, we focus on one part of your business process and run it concurrently using both old and new systems for a while. Once we are confident everything matches, we move on to the next business process.

Set up a meeting with one of our specialists for more information.