Student Registration

To register a student you need to have a couple of things set up and configured. You need at least one course with pricing details, some basic details about your school like the currency, and we recommend having the taxes you want to charge ready.

Register A New Student

Follow these steps to register a new student:

  1. Click on the “New Registration” in the left or top menu. You’ll be redirected to the invoicing page;
  2. To create an invoice, you need a student. Click on the “Student” text box and then click on the “Add a new student” option to add a student or “Search for a Student” to find an existing one;
  3. The invoicing page suggests an invoice number based on year, month and your previous invoices. Feel free to change the number if necessary;
  4. The invoicing page suggests the current day as the invoice date. You are free to change it if necessary;
  5. The start date is the date you expect the classes will start. This date does not enforce any limits which means you can leave it empty or pick a date. It’s just a reminder for you and your student.;
  6. In the invoice items section, pick a course from the list of products. The price and taxes will load automatically according to your previously entered settings;
  7. Make required changes to the quantity, discount amount, and taxes if necessary;
  8. Add another line to your invoice items if necessary and make the same adjustments;
  9. Click on the Save button;

IMPORTANT: Your invoice is still a draft invoice. You can move forward with the registration process by confirming the invoice.

Register An Existing Student For Another Class

This is very similar to registering a new student except for the student selection step.

You have two options to register an existing student for another course:

  • Select an existing student on the invoicing page
  • Find the student in the “Student List” and click on the “Issue a New Invoice”

The rest of the steps are the same as registering a new student.

Convert A Lead To A Student

Your goal is to convert most of your leads to students. You can achieve this by following up on your leads in a timely manner with the right information they need to choose your classes. Once they are ready to register for a class, follow these steps:

  1. Open the lead;
  2. Click on the “convert to student” button. This action redirects you to the invoicing page;
  3. Continue creating an invoice for your new student.

Learn more about lead management features for your school.

Invoice Status And Payment Status

When you first create an invoice, its status by default is “draft”. Once your student pays for the invoice online or if you manually confirm the invoice, the status changes to “confirmed”.

Every invoice has a payment status. When you first create an invoice, its payment status is “unpaid”. If you record a manual payment or the student pays online, the payment status changes. Depending on how much the total amount of the invoice is, and how much the student has paid so far, the payment status will appear as “partially paid” or “paid”.

Manage Student Payments

To have a full picture of your business, you need to keep your student payments up to date at all times. We strongly recommend recording the students’ payments right away at the payment moment.

Send An Invoice For Online Payment

After creating an invoice, you can send the invoice to your student via email and ask them to pay you online.

To send an online payment request to your students :

  1. Open the invoice;
  2. Click on the “Send” button;
  3. Verify and edit the email address and the email message if necessary;
  4. Check the box for “Request an online payment for this invoice”;
  5. Verify the payment amount. You can ask for a different amount by editing this number if you would like to. For example, you may just want your student to pay a down payment for now;
  6. Click on the “Send” button.

An email will be sent to your student’s email. The email contains a link for payment.

IMPORTANT: The invoice’s status changes automatically from “Draft” to “Confirmed” as soon as the student pays the amount you asked for.

Manually Record A Payment

Recording a manual payment is the way you keep track of payments if a student pays without using Demiks online payment service. Here are some examples where you would need to record a manual payment:

  • The student pays in cash.
  • The student pays using a debit or credit card using your POS machine.
  • The student pays using online payment systems other than the ones connected to Demiks.
  • The student writes you a check.

For all of those cases, follow these steps:

  1. Find and open the invoice if it’s not open;
  2. Click on the “record a payment” button;
  3. Enter the right amount, payment method and date;
  4. Enter a memo if necessary;
  5. Click on the “save” button;

This action will automatically change the payment status for your invoice.

IMPORTANT: Your “record a payment” button may be disabled if the invoice is not confirmed or the student has already fully paid the invoice.