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Frida Spanish School

Frida Spanish School

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Insurgentes Sur 307, Cuauhtémoc, 06120 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
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Courses & Programs

Combined Mega Intensive

Minimum of 1 week. 4 private lessons per day, 20 hours per week. No registration fee. Book provided for free.

Individual Tuition

Private Spanish lessons. Price depends on number of hours per week.
- Price for a 5 hour package is $125usd.
- Price for a 10 hour package is $220usd.
- Price for a 15 hour package is $300usd.
- Price for a 20 hour package is $380usd.
- Price for a 30 hour package is $540usd.
Individual course times are arranged with the student. Prices are valid for courses at the school, o...

Intensive Course

Spanish Intensive Course. Minimum of 1 week. 6 hours per day. Standard + small group course. 4 hours group course+ 2 hours small group course. No registration fee. Covers grammar, conversation, reading and writing. Course only for beginners and intermediates.

If there are less than 2 students in an afternoon class, the difference between a standard and intensive course will be chang...

Private Group Courses

Spanish private group courses
* This course is offered to group of students travelling together.
* To reserve this course, please contact us directly. We do group courses for kids, college and University students as well as companies and governments.
* Course change fee: $50usd. but subject to availability of teachers.

Standard Course

Standard Spanish Course, minimum of 1 week, no registration fee.

4 hours per day in group lessons of maximum 12 members. 20 hours of courses per week, normally 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. Covers grammar, conversation, reading and writing.

Super Intensive Course

Super Intensive Spanish Course. Minimum of 1 week. Standard + individual course 6 hours daily (4 in group, 2 private). Covers grammar, conversation, reading and writing. No registration fee. Book provided for free.

Frida Spanish School Reviews

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    Megu Naka
    Thursday, December 20, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    If you want to learn to spanish , I'd love to highly recommend this school. I could learn to with great and funny teachers and lovely mates ! What a good atmosphere!
    Studentes from various countries come to learn. I’m Japanese . I love to compliments people!! But ... as a Japanese people , if someone compliment me while lesson, I’m totally shy enough to make my face turn red. ahaha. It was fun too :) not only spanish study , when I talk to great teachers and new friends from various countries, more of the world people makes me open my mind more. Diego, Jorge and Maria teacher Mil gracias!

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    William Saulnier
    Wednesday, November 28, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I'm a Canadian who went to this school for 2 weeks in the summer. When you first arrive, it seems a bit crazy, but it's just a different culture. Once you get started, it's natural and dynamic. The classes are small, so you can get answers to specific questions. The teachers are quite flexible and can explain the difference between formal and informal Spanish. I didn't have time to do a semester at a university, so this was perfect for me :)

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    Fred Esposito
    Wednesday, November 28, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I enjoyed the Frida School very much. Diego was my instructor for the first two weeks and did a very good job teaching a diverse group of people. He kept the class interesting and fun by using a variety of learning exercises and adding some local culture as well as historical information. Diego provided a solid basic understanding of and appreciation for Spanish language and Mexican culture. Thank you Diego! Jorge was my instructor for Basico B and also did a great job teaching a diverse and energetic group. His use of music to teach language and culture helped to keep everyone engaged in the class. Thanks Frida School for starting my journey to speak Spanish!

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    Saturday, November 17, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I loved attending classes at Frida! The classroom environment was engaging with diverse activities that were stimulating and helped reinforce concepts, vocabulary, and grammar. Alberto, my teacher, was amazing. He created a classroom setting that is warm and inviting. Alberto kept the pace moving forward with material at a level that was appropriate for our classes. It was an enjoyable experience that helped this beginner know that I could learn Spanish! The location of Frida is central and convenient to public transportation and wonderful restaurants. Thanks for a great experience! I highly recommend Frida.

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    Yuki Kim
    Friday, August 31, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I had class in beginners with Diego. My teacher was very good and motivating, he was always putting a lot of effort to the class. Though we were many students I enjoyed the class. We visited Xochimilco and I took a tour to the mercados, I recommend to book more than 2 weeks because many students who come one week want to learn everything or specific topics in a week but this is a group class following a 4 week program though students can take one week (what i booked). I think 나는 돌아와서 한국인에게 추천 할 것입니다.

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    Grace Hurto son
    Friday, August 31, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I really enjoyed the intermediate class i took for 8 weeks. I studied in this school as i moved to mexico city from Germany and did a Spanish course before starting my new job. Izabel was my teacher and she has fame for being strict in grammar but I'm German so i was fine. I moved from intermediate a to b in 8 weeks so completed 2 levels. Social time allowed me to meet students from Russia, USA, Brazil, UK and other Germans. I would definitely recommend Frida to foreigners and those who move to df as to be fair Frida and Cepe unam are the top schools.

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    John Rivera
    Thursday, August 30, 2018
    reviews 5/5

    I recently attended a 2 week program ending 4/28/18. Great, professional and friendly staff in a comfortable atmosphere. I am an Ivy league educated professional. Personally I have attended many language schools, used countless programs, and taken various classes. Never in my experience have I had such a talented and knowledgeable professor as I had with Hector. Out of all the classes, systems and hours of instruction I have had, his system of instruction was by far the best and most effective. I truly learned how to master my deficiencies. I was very pleased! This was by far the BEST instruction!!!!! This was by far the best school overall. I plan to return in a few weeks again. If you want grammar lessons go to You Tube, if you want to learn…really learn go to Frida and take a class with Hector.

    7/5/18 This school was so great I returned for a second round of classes. I didn't think it was possible but I had another stellar Professor Alberto! OK now this was the most informative FUN, engaging experience I ever had! A consummate professional who adapted my private lessons to my needs and tied them into the group classes. Unified the learning experience for a larger group of people from around the world all with different skill sets and made it a great learning experience for all of us. I 100% recommend class with Alberto! Another great experience Frida Thank you!