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Baja California 278, 8th floor, Colonia Condesa, 06100, Mexico City
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Lengua y Cultura is a language school, located in Mexico City teaching Spanish language mostly to international students and tourists. The flexibility in schedule and innovative teaching methods help our student start speaking in a very short period of learning. In LyC we also provide students with communicative and cultural tools to seamlessly integrate into the Latin American world.

Courses & Programs

Private Lessons

60 minutes of live, private online language lesson

Spanish Intensive Course

One week of group classes Monday to Friday, 3hours per day from 9am to 12pm. Access to E-learning platform is included in the price. Levels: A1-C1 Flexible starting dates Contact us for next starting dates or for other questions!

Spanish Regular Course

2 hours a day from Monday through Friday. Set of materials included in the price. Full color book with access code to E-Learning platform available with extra charge. Access to E-learning platform Levels: A1-C1 Flexible starting dates Contact us for next starting dates or for other questions!

Spanish Super Intensive

This program has been designed to meet your individual needs in the shortest possible time. You will learn to communicate in most everyday situations as well as in business and social settings. Each course is tailor-made. 6 hours per day, Monday to Friday. Usually from 9 am to 4 pm (3 hours of group classes, 2 hours private lessons and 1 hour conversation class).

Lengua y Cultura Reviews

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    Kenny Brooklyn
    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    In my personal opinion, Lengua y Cultura brought me good things. The teaching method is fast and effective. Teachers are highly qualified because they make your mind work. I leave with good memories because they also make you feel safe from the moment you arrive, the treatment towards the students is kind and attentive. They have reasonable prices, flexible schedules and nice facilities. It is definitely the best option. Thanks to the management and teachers at Lengua y Cultura!

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    Claudio Potenza
    Thursday, December 20, 2018

    I am very happy with this school, the teacher is just great and the management is friendly and flexible.
    They interviewed me first to check my Spanish, then assign me to the right class. They have courses for different levels and they do not rush lessons or courses like I've seen in other schools.
    The classes have a small number of students which allows you to talk more, ask questions and be followed by the teacher.
    Super Happy. I would definitely recommend!

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    Saturday, November 17, 2018

    I have just completed 5 weeks of daily private lessons at L&C. I had two teachers during this time, both were excellent. I was able to move forward at a pace that suited me, and structure the lessons the way I wanted. I learnt a huge amount and had a great time on the way. The school was flexible and able to work around my schedule. I would definitely recommend the private classes here. There are plenty of teachers so even if one teacher doesn’t suit you, there are others to choose from.

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    Lauren Elizabeth Horst
    Friday, August 31, 2018

    I'm currently only one and a half weeks into my class, and I feel like my relationship with Mexico City has been completely revolutionized. I feel much more confident engaging with people here, and seeking out new experiences.

    I'm signed up for the full three weeks intensive course (from 9am-12pm). Luis, the course instructor, is incredible. He is so knowledgeable and speaks at a very comfortable speed for me to understand. We do a range of activities in class and have some homework (which I try to remember to do!), but mostly we have conversations in class. It doesn't hurt that the other students in class are also so interesting. Marco, who runs the program, is also so helpful, kind, and attentive to each student's individual needs.

    I've liked the school so much that I've added some private classes, too. I may continue here, in some capacity, for months...who knows. If you're interested in becoming more comfortable in Spanish, I highly recommend that you look into this school!! :D

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    Yao Cui
    Friday, August 31, 2018

    I had 3 weeks very good time with teacher Claudia and another 3 girls in this school. We are all beginners, Claudia is patient and takes care of each of us. I had so much motivation and passion to learn Spanish language. Already thinking about come back if I return to Mexico City...

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    John Rinehart
    Friday, August 31, 2018

    A gem of a school - cannot recommend it more highly. They completely accommodated my schedule of 4 days available for lessons with 3 days of 3 hours group sessions and 1 two hour private lesson on day 4. Group lessons ranged from 2 to 4 people. Both my instructors Lidia & Oscar were excellent. On the last day of our group class, Lidia first prepared us and then took us to a nearby market. Really enhanced my Mexico City experience. School in the morning, sightseeing in the afternoon / evening and then dinner at some wonderful restaurants. My advice - Do yourself a favor - visit Mexico City and take a Spanish lesson from Lengua & Cultura while you are there.

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    Jane T
    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    I had read the reviews and corresponded with the school to make our decision. I was looking for an engaging immersion experience for my daughters ages 13 and 11 and it was perfect. The school is down a quiet little street. The interior of the school is cheerful, colorful and typical of the buildings in the town with a central garden courtyard. The staff was consistently super friendly, bilingual and organized. I was especially nice to meet Señora Josephina who was running the front desk, keeping the check-in process running smoothly and offering welcoming smiles to all.

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    Rachel K
    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    We sent our daughter to the children's summer program two years ago and are back again for round two. Such a lovely place with excellent programming and teachers. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • FAQ

    When do classes start?

    The classes start every monday but you don't have to wait for next Monday. You can join a class any day you are ready

    Who are we?

    Lengua y Cultura is a language school, comprised of 28 accredited language  teachers and Spanish tutors. We all come from all over the world, and work together here in CDMX. For over 21 years we have worked for various universities, both public and private, among which are the National Mexican University (UNAM) and the National Politechnical Institute.

    Can I reserve my spot online?

    Yes you can reserve a spot online before your arrival to Mexico. We will be ready to recieve you the day you want to start.

    Can I take a break after a couple of weeks?

    We are very flexible about our schedule. If you need to take time off you can talk to us and we schedule it together.