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It's been a while since I wanted to take a course in this school. I was eyeing it for about a year before I found a course (Drawing the Human Form) on the weekend that fit my schedule and seemed like I would benefit from. My level of drawing is beyond beginning and I wanted something that would challenge me and at the same time be approachable enough. The course was amazing! I love Donna's teaching style, that she gives homework and checks it, she adapts her feedback to your skill level and gives as much feedback as you're asking for! I can honestly say I have improved on drawing anatomy so much during the class. As we studied and practiced different body parts I found myself paying more attention over the course of the weeks and using the construction methods taught in class that worked well for my manga style (semi realistic) human characters! The atmosphere of learning was really awesome in the class, I felt very inspired and motivated to attend every single one of the classes on Saturday mornings! My only comment is please encourage people in class to talk somehow...I know we're all introverted artists but it would help to have maybe like a collaborative exercise or discussion or something to break the ice... One of my reasons for singing up to the class was to meet and get to know other artists.

Just to summarize, amazing experience overall! Loved the learning curve, the prof, the atmosphere! Will definitely be taking more courses with Syn Studio in the future!
By Mariya On Friday, February 9, 2018