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Demiks Products

Demiks offers products to help you turn your school into a modern and efficient business.

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We integrate our products with the most reliable education products available in the market.

Online Teaching Tools
Classroom Engagement
Marketing & Website Builders
Sales & Online Payment


Along the way, we help you with a seamless product implementation and integration.

Setup & Configuration
Coaching & Support

Advantages and Benefits

Demiks value propositions

Increase in sales

Increase in sales

Business Best Practices

Business Best Practices

Lower Costs, Less workload

Lower Costs, Less workload

Embracing Modern Education

Embracing Modern Education

Student & Teacher Satisfaction

Student & Teacher Satisfaction

Performance Insight

Performance Insight

Keep and Consult Your Records Over Time

Keep and Consult Your Records Over Time

Clear and Effective Communication

Clear and Effective Communication

Areas We Can Provide Help

We constantly look for different apps, technology and tools to improve the education experience. Where we find a gap, we build our own bridge.

Marketing, SEO and CRO for schools

Marketing & Sales

Grow your school and make your sales. Be where students need you when they need you.

Manage your school, registrations, billing and payments


Less - or no - data entry sounds like a dream, but it is possible.

Classroom management, session, student assignment


Modernize your classes with cutting edge technology. Students love it.

school, teacher and student evaluations


Education advances when everything is evaluated - with technology.

Marketing And Sales Services For Schools

Grow your school with our help. We attract more students to your school and improve your conversion rate by making your sales process more student-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization & Advertisement

SEO & Advertisement

We help you grow your sales and market reach via Search Engine Optimization and online advertisement.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management


With Customer Relationship Management software, put everything in order and never miss an opportunity to sell.

Invoicing & Online payment

Invoicing & Online payment

Setting up an omnichannel invoicing system that works the way you expect it to is what we love to do for a living.

Make School Administration Delightful

Take back those hours spent in front of spreadsheets! Our tools and services can help you spend more time with your team and your students and less time punching numbers.

Administration Automation

Administration Automation

Adopting technology for seamless school administration gets us excited. We free you from Excel sheets and keep you paperless.

Student Attendance

Student Attendance

Digitally delegate tasks like attendance management to your teachers in an integrated administration software.

Group Announcements


Communication with students has never been easier. Let your staff and teachers make announcements without compromising student’s privacy.

Improve The Class Experience With Technology

Adapt to the changing needs of your students and teachers. Keep your staff and students safe, reach students in different regions, join the remote revolution.

Online Live Classes

Online Live Classes

Enable live online education at your school by adopting video conferencing and online chat products.

Class Material

Class Material

Share supporting learning material with your students so they can learn on their own and at their own pace.

Exercises & Homework

Exercises & Homework

Enable your teachers to assign homework and exercises digitally. Track the performance of teachers and students with one solution.

Evaluation is a Key Part of Education

Part of helping students get where they want to go is keeping track of where they’ve been. Let your students’ success speak for your school with testimonials and reviews.

Tests & Final Exams

Tests & Final Exams

Evaluate your students with after class quizzes and final exams to ensure the progress happening in your classes.

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Allow students to rate and review the teachers at the end of each course and analyse the data to gain insight.

School Testimonials

School Testimonials

Students read testimonials before registering for a class. Share your students’ opinions with new and potential learners.

Gap Analysis

Everything starts with a thorough Gap Analysis. Tell us what you want to digitize and we’ll look for the best ways to support you.

Every school is different and every school has different goals. Our consultants sit with you to understand where you are today and what an ideal school would look like for you.

A list of recommendations, products to adopt, and services will be offered to you. You pick the ones you find most interesting and prioritize them in terms of importance and urgency.

We define realistic milestones together and set dates to achieve them. Our team comes up with an action plan to deliver the project in a step by step method so your team is not overwhelmed with change.

School Modernization Gap Analysis

Our Services

Here’s a list of services we offer to improve your school in any of the areas mentioned above.

Setup the infrastructure for your school


Finding the best product for each need, price comparison, installation, and configuration.

Train the staff, teachers and students


Set school wide standards for each product and train the key actors to use them properly.

Coaching your team


Spend time with your team to give them step by step guidance and to answer questions.

Monitor the performance of all actors


Set and track KPIs to make sure the implementation of new technology is successful.

Products We Use

To provide you with the best technology, we constantly evaluate different products. The product quality, reliability, customer support, pricing and performance are measures we pay attention to while looking for new products to add to our offering. If there are no satisfying products in the market for that specific need, we consider building it in house.

Products We Already Work With

Google Ads, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Stripe, PayPal, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Wave Apps, Quickbooks, Wix, Wordpress, SquareSpace, Microsoft Office 365

Demiks products For Schools

Demiks Marketplace

A language learning marketplace where you can sell your classes online and get your students to rate your school.

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Administration Software

A school management software including CRM, invoicing, online payment and class management systems.

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Teacher App

An app for teachers integrated with the administration software to manage classes, homework, class material and exercises.

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